Theresa May's cabinet play checkers to avoid Brexit implementation

Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet met at her country house in Chequers today to discuss the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, but reports from inside the house suggest they played checkers, shared… 568 more words


So what means "Brexit means Brexit"?

Ever since Theresa May stated that “Brexit means Brexit” during her first speech as Prime Minister, she has left her cabinet, her European counterparts, decision-makers in the world of business and finance, and, not to forget, her electorate wondering what… 930 more words

British Prime Minister Theresa May, Cabinet at Chequers on Wednesday To Plan Britain's Steps For Leaving the European Union

Britain will retain access to single market and curb migration under plans considered by Theresa May

Theresa May holding her first cabinet meeting in July. Photograph by Dan Kitwood for PA… 672 more words

233/366: Euan's new favourite lunch haunt

Given the weather was crap today we went to see a cheapo movie at Falkirk pictures today. Robinson Crusoe, which was pretty naff. The boys enjoyed it though. 62 more words

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