Corbyn Chequers Summit Thursday

Guido hears that there will be a summit this Thursday at Chequers, where the Tories will decide how to handle the expected Jeremy Corbyn victory. The two competing strategies being considered are broadly thus: Cameron and Osborne should go easy on Jez and treat him with the respect due to the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition – all the time playing on the public’s economic and national security fears. 167 more words

Guido Fawkes

Not so benign?

Last week I went to a reception at the House of Lords to celebrate England’s national parks. It was held in the Attlee Room, under the shrewdly benign gaze of Clem Attlee whose portrait hung on the wall.   273 more words


Jammy Jam

I’ve spent the last couple of days getting myself out there again as a jazz player.  It is easy to get yourself stuck in a rut as a musician, find groups and gigs where you are comfortable and stop challenging yourself technically and musically.   942 more words


Asian Duck Salad

Work lunch at the Chequers in Churchill, The Cotswolds. The Asian Duck salad with spring onions, watercress and pickled carrots is unbelievable.

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On a side note, here’s what happened today… 160 more words


House hunting, it's a funny old game and my money's on Sterling making a significant move

THERE’S a thin line between genius and madness, they reckon.

And that infinitesimal gap is just as apparent for winners and losers.

Take Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, now fully-installed at No10 Downing Street after the surprise election result of the last 25 years. 226 more words