Three off for Chequers as St. Ebbes ease to victory

St. Ebbes Headington eased to victory in the Oxford City FA Couling Cup final, with their opponents Chequers having three men sent off as they saw their quadruple hopes ended. 344 more words

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School Hill

Last night we won The Chequers quiz night for the first time 👍😀

The team was Lorie, myself, Ben and two new folks from Lamberhurst quarter, Leon and Magalie.

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McAlister's Famous Sweet Tea has Oxford roots

From the large green letters above the striped awning, to the checkered tile inside, McAlister’s Deli reaps tradition and a past that may be unknown to many. 573 more words

The Oxford EAGLE

A Couple of Disappointments

Last weekend was a hefty one. Since January I’ve been pretty on it in terms of making it to the gym, eating mostly healthy whole foods and being vegetarian but I drank waaaay too much both Friday and Saturday nights and then made the bad food choices that go with that. 583 more words

Chequers: A new Westend Cocktail Bar and Grillhouse

I drive along Great Western Road every Monday night and watched with anticipation the creation of Chequers, a cocktail and grill bar as a new addition to the Westend. 725 more words


Corbyn Chequers Summit Thursday

Guido hears that there will be a summit this Thursday at Chequers, where the Tories will decide how to handle the expected Jeremy Corbyn victory. The two competing strategies being considered are broadly thus: Cameron and Osborne should go easy on Jez and treat him with the respect due to the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition – all the time playing on the public’s economic and national security fears. 167 more words

Guido Fawkes