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Jury Finds John Edwards Not Guilty on One Count; Mistrial Ruled on Others

A Greensboro, N.C., jury has acquitted former presidential candidate John Edwards on one count of taking illegal campaign funds, but the judge declared a mistrial after the jury became deadlocked on five other counts. 591 more words


We Will Be Well Rid of John Edwards

By Adele

You never thought you’d read this here, but George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election was a blessing in disguise. If the John Kerry-John Edwards ticket had won the White House, and Kerry served 2 terms (which he would have, since the alternative was McCain-Palin), VP John Edwards would be running for president today against Mitt Romney. 301 more words

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Young Reveals Video

Wife of ex-Edwards-staffer admits to shooting video of Rielle Hunter’s house and personal items without consent.

Young: “I wanted proof that I really was taking care of Rielle Hunter.”


Wife of Edwards Ex-Aide: 'I Agreed to Go Along With the Lie'

Testimony in the campaign finance fraud trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards isn’t going any better for the former senator, following statements from the wife of a senior aide in testimony that began Monday and continued into Tuesday. 537 more words


Cheri Young Testifies About Edward's Love Child

The wife of a former aide to one-time presidential candidate John Edwards testified that she and her husband were in a McDonald’s drive-through when Andrew Young told her he was going to claim the candidate’s mistress and love child as his own. 320 more words


John Edwards trial: Andrew Young’s wife breaks down on witness stand.

Cheri Young testifies at a hearing in 2010. (AP/File)

During an emotional day at John Edwards‘ federal corruption trial in North Carolina on Monday, Cheri Young, the wife of former Edwards aide… 489 more words


Cheri Young Cries on Witness Stand

The only difference between John Edwards and the current career criminals of Congress is that he got caught with his pants down. Kinda like Larry Craig, only worse because of the gray area of use of campaign funds. 120 more words

Corruption In Congress