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Mini-Chapter:  Poll Results

Gizmo brings us all back to reality from Romance Festival reverie with a sharp bark, reminding us that the time has come for the first of Romina’s parties. 232 more words


Chapter 8: Afterthought

Andres’ brother’s rebuff is, of course, the worst thing that could possibly happen to a teenage boy’s fragile ego.

So he calls over the best thing that could happen to that ego: a pretty girl. 885 more words


Chapter 7: Misgivings

The teen years begin for my boys calmly, but with purpose. Myron listens to music while Gizmo supervises.

Andres researches vampires as I gently bring forth an ancient knife from a clump of earth. 779 more words


Chapter 6: Heir Vote!

A rare day out on the wharf:

The fresh air and sunshine does the boys good.

And Daniel perhaps remembers a bit of what persuaded him to leave his home and travel thousands of miles to marry an impulsive, quarrelsome, sometimes frighteningly ambitious woman. 1,064 more words


Chapter 5: Perspective

Gizmo doesn’t make us wait for long before showing up for a visit. He is deeply miffed that his food bowl is empty. He knew he was returning, and we should have known, too. 830 more words


Chapter 4: Council Counsel

Dig piles go faster with two, and contain more prizes.

And royal baths are considerably more exciting.

But then, eventually, inevitably, the day comes that I must face reality. 1,168 more words