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4 Mei

Y: “Selamat 4 Mei!”

A: “hmm.. ya? 4 Mei?”

Y: “Iya, 4 Mei.”

A: “Ada apaan sih 4 Mei?”

Y: “Ck. Dooohh.. udah lah ga jadi!” 46 more words


The Music Tag...Again ;)

Megan nominated me for the Music Tag! (Thanks, Megan!) I did this award before, a while back, and had so much fun that I was hoping I’d be tagged again! 508 more words


What I've Been Up To Lately #4!

Hey folks! If you’ve been wondering, Hey, what has Sunny been up to lately?, well, wonder no longer! I am back with another life update (hehe, don’t I sound like a newscaster?!)! 893 more words

My Stories

what's perfect?

How can you consider a relationship as perfect? Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? Is it when you always tell each other “i love you”? 358 more words


Handling No's / Rejections

Artist…the amount of no’s / rejections that we as artist get can be and is draining.

So what can we do as individual artists to rejuvenate and regenerate. 78 more words

From A Name On A Page, To A Real Character

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about something that I think is very important when writing a story…character descriptions.

I find that I’m more likely to write about a character if I write a detailed description about them first. 503 more words