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Thank you for being there

I just finished an Annie Chun’s All Natural Asian Cuisine noodle bowl, bought not inexpensively at the local Whole Pay Packet, I mean Whole Foods (who went and put such a money-sucking store right next to my house?!) It was kind of untasty to tell the truth, seriously it looked nothing like the picture on the packet, but it only took three minutes to make, and has kept me fed for another couple of hours so I have the energy to write this. 1,715 more words

Current Issues

Breathe out problems, breathe in love

The other day someone asked me: “I know we’re supposed to put others first – but I was taught that in the Girl Guides and its always just made me feel like a doormat.” 1,410 more words

New Kadampa Tradition

A View to Cherishing Others

The purpose of this meditation is to reach a conclusion about the relative merits of cherishing our self as opposed to cherishing others, and then to consider what this means in terms of reliance upon the Spiritual Guide. 435 more words

21 Relying Upon A Spiritual Guide

Do Something Positive*

Did you ever spend a miserable time brooding over the selfish or inconsiderate behaviour of someone you thought to be a friend? Or because someone said or did something which seemed at best thoughtless, so you felt unimportant, or at worst, deliberately hurtful, so you felt angry and sad? 1,168 more words


Ambulance Driver

The purpose of this meditation is to generate the complete belief that we have abandoned self-cherishing and that we now only cherish others. We then think about this in light of great compassion. 352 more words

14 Great Compassion

Keep a Good Thought

The purpose of this meditation is to generate the sincere wish to cherish only others, and then to meditate on this wish in light of great compassion. 333 more words

12 The Advantages Of Cherishing Others

Cherishing Others is Dharma in Action ~ images (ed.)

Challenging but true:

Become Happy Now
~ Take Responsibility for Cherishing Others

“Until now we have cherished ourself above all others, and as long as we continued to do this our suffering will never end.

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