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Day 3

There were a few things that stood out to me today. At the Air and Space Museum it was the interactive wall in the front. I thought it was really fun and easy to use. 336 more words

Just Ignore The Ruling


If you’ve been paying any attention at all to Conservative media, you have no doubt heard floated the idea that President Trump should go full Jackson and just ignore the Court rulings against the Executive Order and just plow ahead with the travel ban regardless of the Courts. 281 more words


Rooted In Story

(Cherokee Dancer Kasey Reynolds; photo by Kara Jex)

Yesterday (3/18/17) I attended the 13th Annual Santa Fe Days in the Park held at Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton, Texas.   1,027 more words

Blog post Shout-Out!!!

Hey y’all, Medicated Normalcy over here!

This is an unscheduled post, but I wanted to take the time to show some of my favorite blogs some love! 295 more words

Happy Birthday, Andrew Jackson?

Today is President Andrew Jackson’s birthday — America’s seventh president — and apparently our current president is planning on laying a wreath on his grave today. 218 more words


Forced Migration


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Immigration and migration have been pretty hot topics lately. This week a particularly interesting question has been bouncing around just about everywhere: were the people transported during the Atlantic Slave Trade immigrants? 276 more words