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Wolf Code-Chandler Brett

A wolf pack struggling to reorganize after the death of the Alpha male flees through the wintry woods, escaping the only predator capable of taking down their strongest member – an Amur tiger. 220 more words

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New Scrubs Fashions for Spring!

There probably won’t be any scrubs on the runways at New York Fashion Week (which starts this week, Feb. 10!), but we do have lots of new spring fashions at Medical Scrubs Mall! 242 more words

Medical Scrubs Mall

Beat This House

Yesterday, my fiancé and I decided to take a trip up to Murphy, North Carolina, and test out the new casino that was recently built.  The only other casino that I’ve been to is the Harrah’s in Cherokee, NC.   395 more words

The Purification Ceremony

Dedicated to Ms. Walker

Last weekend, I was privileged with the opportunity to participate in the sweat lodge ceremony tradition of the Cherokee culture.

Yona (meaning Bear), a Cherokee Elder living in North Carolina, had been invited by our hosts Leah and Joel to the Nashville area to lead a weekend of Cherokee dance, song, and tradition. 1,090 more words


Revisited Myth # 72: The Trail of Tears drove all the Indians out of the southeastern United States.

National Geographic magazine says this is a common myth, so who am I to differ? I had never heard it expressed, but then again, maybe that’s because I’ve long known the truth, living in the southeastern United States among several different Native American tribes. 128 more words

Native Americans

The Cherokee Nation­ “Ulihelisdi”

Jaelan Leonard


Have you ever heard of the Cherokee Nation before? Yes? No? Did you know that the Cherokee nation is one of the 5 largest, civilized tribes across the country?  366 more words


Just imagining ... KL meets MK?

Who hasn’t sat down, at some point, and used whatever tools are at hand — pencil, eraser, even Photoshop — to merge one vehicle’s design with another? 73 more words