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anger makes you blind...

Initially, I thought it was a cherry tomato, the color is so bright and nice. When I look closely, it was an orange mushroom.

Some of us, we love to make assumption based on our past memory or experience, it make us easily to jump to conclusion without proper diagnose or take time to do contemplation. 159 more words


#Whats4Lunch - The Salads 3

Beet carrot and chicken salad (total cost 31p)


  • 1 chicken leg (left over) – Can be bought ready made
  • 10 to 15 pitted black olives – 5p (a jar of 700g cost 99p in the 99p store)
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Focaccia with Cherry Tomatoes

Focaccia is a flatbread, enriched with olive oil, and very often topped with Mediterranean flavors from tomatoes to olives to grapes to herbs. It’s an ancient form of bread with a history dating back to pre-Roman times and is believed to be the bread style that eventually morphed into what we call pizza today, sometime around the 18th century. 570 more words


What I eat: Giant Salad!

Another meal that I eat 3-4x per week is a giant (delicious!) salad.

What’s in it? Approximately 1 pound of romaine lettuce, 1 pint of cherry tomates, 6-8 ounces of purple cabbage, ~3 ounces of pickles, and occasionally, 2-4 ounces of corn.   71 more words


Roasting Cherry Tomatoes {Preserving and Freezing}

I’ve already mentioned I planted a garden this year. In the garden I focused most of the space on my three favorite garden ingredients: tomatoes, zucchini and sweet bell peppers. 932 more words


Roma or Cherry Tomato Salsa {copycat Village Hot Sauce}

My very favorite salsa has always been Village Hot Sauce. The salsa is sold in clear tubs in local grocery stores with various degrees of heat. 866 more words