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Against The Odds: Cherry Blossoms in February

Spring Comes In Winter

The weather has been so warm in the Washington, DC, area that flowers have opened on a new cherry tree. This usually happens in April. 10 more words


Cherry Tree - Hiroshi Satow 

walking with my head down,
coming across a puddle,

now I find a cherry tree

in full blossom.


No Guff George

How far America has come. Once Washington couldn’t tell a lie and now the White House can’t tell a truth. “Nope, no sir, I did not cut down that cherry tree,” he said grinning with the ax in his hand.

T J Therien

T J Therien

The National - About Today

This is one of popular Brooklyn indie band, The National’s lesser known songs from their Cherry Tree EP is one of my favourites. Train- rumble drums and plaintive strings backdrop the very simple, sincere vocal delivery that are spaced out in a way that leaves the listener perched in anticipation of the next brief, teasing line of the vulnerable narrative.   136 more words


Looks From Early Spring

“Like a blinking cursor on an empty page, it was just the first thing. The beginning of the beginning. But at least it was done.” 35 more words