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Tall Tales

Georgie’s daddy had a tree
That got chopped down and George said he
Could not recite a lie: He’d done it!
(That’s how History has spun it.) 24 more words


Fruits that spark Romance: 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs for Valentines

What fruits give you the most pleasure? All kinds of fruit have their benefits but some are said to enhance your sexual desire. Here at the Flying Pickers we are celebrating Valentines with our choice of delicious fruits to get your heart rate pumping. 353 more words


Peace Within Day 25

tuneful melody
sunset in the cherry tree
a small robin glows

Kim M. Russell, 2018

My response to Carpe Diem’s Winter Retreat 2018 Peace Within… 139 more words


Winter Trees

I got off to a slow start today, and waited until afternoon to take a walk, after the sun came out.  The bright light and shadows were playing over the cherry trees we planted last spring.   65 more words


Garden Work Today

Today, the weather was excellent, so I couldn’t help but to work in my garden a little bit.  I cleared a few weeds from the main walkways, but I didn’t do a lot of weeding. 104 more words

Garden Configuration

Spring - it must be on the way

Two things I’ve noticed, in the past couple of days, that have convinced me that spring is on the way.

The first is the dawn chorus. 166 more words

K Patrick Moody

Pruning Time!

Mid winter is often considered the best time to prune fruit trees:

  • the tree is dormant so sap isn’t running;
  • the cold means insects and fungal diseases aren’t going to enter the cutting wound;
  • 221 more words
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