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I have never heard of any other culture that give that much reverence to a certain flower, plant, or tree like how the Japanese adored the cherry trees and its blooms. 282 more words


A Volunteer's Thanks

Cherry Tree is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and everyone who donates money to support us will have their name put on a plaque towards the end of the year. 112 more words

Ovid's Garden: Cypresses & Cornelian Cherry Trees

Since the radical transformation the garden has undergone since planting the evergreen box hedging, its greening has continued with the arrival of some new plants and the (frustratingly slow) coming of spring! 422 more words


Good Soil

What a glorious weekend.

For me it was the official beginning of the gardening season.

And so I began at the beginning.


Good soil… 320 more words

Under my canopy...

The cherry tree is in bloom. Stand under it and be totally covered in a cloud of cotton-candy pink with sound effects. The number of bees that are buzzing is so loud that you think that your ears are exploding or you are ready for lift off into the great unknown. 333 more words


Emerging into Spring

It was two weeks ago yesterday that I officially moved back to my hometown. I’m still getting into the grove of being back home and in ways, I’ve forgotten about my life in my old city (not the friends of course, whom I talk to almost daily). 571 more words