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Washington Cherry Trees II./ Part 1: The other side of the 'pond'

Chapter One: before J├╝tland


In the first part we got insight into the development of the battleships and battlecruisers of the United States Navy during and after World War One, up the Naval Treaty of Washington.In this part we jump over to the other side of the Atlantic and have an in depth look at how the British Royal Navy, the then premier naval force did in the same time period. 7,972 more words



Growing up we had an ash tree in our front yard. It was a ragged and sickly tree, every winter we wondered if it would make it to spring. 215 more words

Unexpected Beauty

Urban cherry vodka

There are quite a few cherry trees in Bow. I had never noticed them before, but they must always have been there. There’s a really good one on Tredegar Road, Actually on the pavement, not in someone’s garden. 308 more words


Blooming Cherry Trees & Blush Hues

I thankfully managed to capture the blooming cherry trees right when I came back from Paris. Is there a more calming view than this? Blossoming cherry trees are the best thing about spring, a sky filled with soft shades of pink that take your breath away with their scent. 28 more words

Outfit Of The Day

Cherry blossoms and hearts

Photography is a pretty new hobby of mine. I started photographing with T. since he has been doing it for years. He also has the ultra nice cameras with the objectives so it was so easy to start training. 124 more words