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Night Gathers

Night slips in on soft feet, but not silently. You can hear the jays arguing over the best bedding spots and a few determined frogs still laying claim to their territory before it gets too cold. 177 more words


Cherry blossoms on the National Mall...

We normally expect the cherry trees on the National Mall to bloom in early spring,  and it is a truly glorious sight,  but they are among the species which can have more than one bloom period,  so that is the most likely explanation for   96 more words

Of Elephants and Autumn Leaves

I love a good elephant joke, though considering the current plight of the poor pachyderm very soon there might only be the jokes left. (and that’s no joke) 716 more words


Spring in Waikato, New Zealand

The miracle of nature never ceases to amaze me, and it is never more apparent than in springtime with the ‘popping’ of colour. Naked trees suddenly blaze in a riot of blossoms, from pure white to various shades of pink and colourful, scented flora magically appear from bulbs, unseen below the ground. 510 more words


Today's Weather Photos - 2015/10/4

It was sunny in the morning and afternoon, but became cloudy with in the late afternoon with occasional rain in the evening. The high was 27, and the low 17. 39 more words


Want to Promote Insect Diversity: Go Native!

Thinking of what to plant in your yard? A new study published in Ecology Letters suggests yet another reason to consider native plants: They feed more native bugs! 457 more words

Our Creatures

Trees Showing Damage After Brutal Temperature Drop Last Year

DENVER (CBS4)– Trees in the Denver metro area are showing damage as the season changes from summer into fall. The damage comes from last November when the temperature dropped from a mild winter day to 18 degrees. 100 more words