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My First Trip to Denmark - Day 2

OK. Still in Washington DC, but don’t fret. Denmark is still on the way!

Here is a photo taken with the Washington Monument on the left, and the Capitol Building just barely visible on the right hand side. 140 more words


My Horrid Discovery

So, the other day i was going through The Nuts Challenge Facebook page just to see what kind of things i would have to face on race day. 202 more words

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Actually running!

As promised i am taking training very seriously now! On Sunday i went for a run that wasn’t on the treadmill. I say run, it was more of a jog, oh look this parts uphill walk a little and then jog again. 136 more words

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Neglecting Training

Whats been going on since week one of training I hear you ask, Well…

The first week went well… i hit the gym everyday alternating days between running and general cardio and swimming. 198 more words

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Week one of training

So i started my training on Monday.

Quick update i didnt make it to military bootcamp fitness because i was getting my hair done and i got the days mixed up. 207 more words

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Getting Started

I am taking part in a 7k mud run on March 4th 2017. That is just 6 weeks away from now. I am not a very active person and exercise is basically my enemy. 79 more words

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