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Chrisagis Brothers with Hollywood Icons Sharing Jesus

LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — The Chrisagis Brothers hit radio success with “It’s A God Thing.” The show is being heard by 6 million listeners a week. 385 more words

Cinema Dispatch: Unforgettable

Unforgettable and all the images you see in this review are owned by Warner Bros

Directed by Denise Di Novi

A lot of people seem to enjoy this recent upswing in Steamy Thrillers, but while I can certainly see the appeal of them in a trashy sort of way (more so… 1,966 more words

Cinema Dispatch

Review: Unforgettable

“You never should have brought her here.”

I know, I used two posters at the beginning, but Heigl and Dawson both look so good I couldn’t choose between them. 813 more words


Flash Movie Review: Unforgettable

ONLY in rare circumstances would someone want to meet their replacement. One area where I could see it happening would be in the workplace, if the person being replaced initiated the change. 542 more words



Oh my god… another one? Is there really a demand for movies like this? Is there really a league of picketers that demand at least one of these getting made once a year? 1,289 more words


Unforgettable: Review

Right off the bat, I know that I am in no way the target demographic for Denise Di Novi’s thriller, the quite bravely entitled Unforgettable. How do I know? 308 more words


'Unforgettable' Movie Review

I’m glad I decided to see this movie after all the bad comments I had heard. The movie is definitely not great and it does start off pretty good and then loses it’s punch. 57 more words

Drama Movie