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Down the Rabbit Hole

I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland and the catch phrase, “going down a rabbit hole.” More so now that I’ve joined an online writing course called Compel Training. 659 more words


Challenge #3 Cheshire Cat Hat

After the post about my 1st attempt at a hat (https://blackthorncrafts.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/challenge-2/) I received a request to make a cat hat for my little sister. 133 more words


Review: Wonderland #35

There is an interesting moment near the middle of this issue.  It is reminiscent of the original source material, but at the same time very different.   296 more words


Cheshire Cat

Guests looking for souvenir Mickey ears or a hat love Fantasyland’s Mad Hatter shop. This quaint shop, located right next to the Mad Tea Party… 150 more words


We're All Mad Here

As you know fairy tales are my addiction. I love them! Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is right up there with Peter Pan for me. Alice is the girl I always wanted to be, the adventures she has and the fact that she isn’t chasing after some boy, it really appealed to me. 161 more words