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Rachel in Review: A Little Empathy for Poor Old Mom

“Hey, Katherine. May I borrow a copy of Mrs. White Rabbit to take home tonight? I haven’t had a chance to order mine yet, and I want to test out a theory.” 617 more words


Time is Deceiving

Somehow time always seems to slip away from me. I get caught up in what I am doing or what I am feeling and days or weeks seem like months or years. 504 more words

Alice in the Wonderland

As a child Cheshire cat was one of my favorite character. I use to admire that mysterious smile. So here is my tribute to the cat that made my childhood memorable and to the most adorable cat too.

The Unexpected Unknown

Look before you leap, is really what I should do
but I could look so hard, and be given not a clue
I simply cannot see, the destination ahead of me…
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Smile, It's The Cheshire Cat

I took this image of ‘Alice In Wonderlands’ Cheshire Cat at Happy Valley Gardens in Llandudno, Wales. It is quite a large wooden sculpture made from a hefty piece of timber. 24 more words


Grinn - Epilogue

The forest was dark. It was always dark, but the paths remained illuminated. And The Cheshire Cat lounged in a tree waiting and singing. “’Twas brillig and the slithy toves. 978 more words