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Grinn: Tales of the Cheshire Cat - Chapter Ninteen


Khamet coughed and the sound came muffled in the mud. His rear leg shot out in a spasm again and with all four paws he pushed himself and rose out of the street. 2,243 more words


Halloween 2016

It’s almost Halloween!

And Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.  Even more so than Thanksgiving/Christmas festivities.

This year, my aunt and uncle are throwing their FAMOUS Halloween party in Castro Valley. 155 more words


Grinn: Tales of the Cheshire Cat - Chapter Eighteen


The Jack of all Trades did not enjoy losing his garments to Megette who found suitable clothing for him to wear. She was not entirely certain if he was a prisoner or not. 3,659 more words


Cheshire Cat makeup step by step

So I’m a big fan of Alice in wonderland, ever since I was a little girl it amazed me, and even now it does as I look at it in a completely different way ! 311 more words


New pieces and MANY exciting shows and events and upcoming!

It’s the busy season!   So many great events!  One of my absolute FAVORITES is South Park Arts ART UNDER 100.  This is a MUST attend event for all art lovers in the greater Seattle area (heck, all of Washington – it’s worth a couple hour drive!) and will once again be at the Seattle Design Center on December 10th from 2-8pm.   189 more words


Johnny Mack

I submitted this piece to an SF magazine. It could be accepted if I did a bit of revision. But the cap for payment is 100 dollars. 3,409 more words

Short Story

The Jack's Journey (an excerpt from Grinn: Tales of the Cheshire Cat)

It was explained, “The far end of the orchard is set against the Datamancer Plain which in and of itself was the most strategic position for the Suicide King to set up his castle. 2,144 more words