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More quick watercolor sketches

Cheshire cat, watercolor , acrylic and pencil

Watercolor and acrylic and pencil

I picked a handmade journal for the work in Wonderland class. A little while ago I threw some paint on some of the pages, random marks of acrylic paint (mostly turquoise blue and purple). 215 more words


BOOK REVIEW: ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND- by Lewis Carrol illustrated by Camille Garcia Rose

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass are every animator and artist’s dream. The worlds and creatures are so surreal, insane, distinct and imaginative that there’s endless possibility in the ways they can be brought to life. 355 more words

Headline News

headline news
Preacher eats his own shoes and fucks off
to somewhere warm with pink nipples and tangerine umbrellas,
take me somewhere the sunshine tastes like smog… 224 more words


Monstroctopus by LoveAndASandwich

Monstroctopus: Part monster, part octopus with fluffy fur, tentacles and antlers. These marvellous original creations come from the mind, and crafting skills, of Chelsea Bloxsom of LoveAndASandwich. 54 more words

Geek Crafts

Target finds

Between various things, I haven’t had much time to hit stores looking for the new dolls that were released right before Christmas.  (For that matter, stores don’t even really start recovering from Christmas until mid-January, anyway, so I didn’t miss much.)  But when I went to Target the other day (when was that, Friday?), I found some fun stuff I wanted to share. 1,752 more words