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Race For Life with the Cheshire cats

So I’ve mentioned before that I am part of the Doncaster Little Theatre, which is a charity based theatre in Doncaster. Being a member here I do a bit (or rather a lot) of acting, and my next play is going to be The Cheshire Cats, which is a comedy based around a group of women (and one man) doing “The Moonwalk” (where people walk around wearing bras at night) all in the aid of breast cancer. 139 more words

....about The To Die For Gluten Free Cookie Review

*Hodgson Mill: Gluten Free Cookie Mix*

Well, let me tell you… This cookie mix will be a staple in my home. One of my favorite cookies are peanut butter cookies. 696 more words

Living Gluten Free

Cheshire Cats and that.

When in doubt. Watch Alice in Wonderland.

Then figure out if it matters.

If it doesn’t matter…you can go wherever the hell you want.

And if it does matter, either convince yourself that it doesn’t, or tell the Cheshire Cat to stop talking shit and tell you where the hell to go. 8 more words


((Sonechka was a jewel-smith, she made jewelry mostly to keep her hands and her mind sharp.  At this point in ‘the story’, Jineah (human warrior) and Missing (night elf rogue) had decided to pledge themselves to one another.   1,799 more words


The Morass (aka "14")

((Most of this is taken directly from the log of this event)) 7,476 more words


Untitled Sonechka Post

((This post took place during the time when Sone was ‘attacked’ by some guys who were pretty much just messing with her, calling her ‘mouse’ and such.   839 more words


Who Are You

((A guildmate had used a song to ‘define the mood’ of a story she’d written.  I liked the idea so much I began using it frequently after that.  1,313 more words