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The Steinitz Gambit

Check out Kevin Butler’s new chess video introduction to the Steinitz Gambit, covering the important ideas underlying this wild chess opening! After 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4 exf4 4.d4 Qh4+ 5.Ke2 the White King is perfectly comfortable behind his strong central pawns, and the monarch even plans on better placement in case of any endgame. 24 more words


Wilhelm Steinitz

The first world chess champion is generally seen as the first scientific chess player, and is often called the father of modern chess. Steinitz put down in writing and formulated chess principles that the best players had always employed, even if unconsciously, in their own chess games. 163 more words


Fritz 13 's "Let's Check" Videos

Let’s imagine the realm of chess as a world of its own. How much of this world have we discovered already? Actually, no one can answer this question precisely. 109 more words


Play Chess Opening Gambits

If we play a chess opening gambit there’s no going back. The permanent loss of a pawn is serious and the deficit has to be made up in other ways – speedy development, open attacking lines, weakness in the enemy camp. 294 more words

Chess Software

Queen to Play

Oscar winner Kevin Kline (A Fish Called Wanda) and the luminous Sandrine Bonnaire (Vagabond) square off in this stylish and sophisticated dramedy of new-found passions and mid-life triumphs, set on the postcard-perfect isle of Corsica. 89 more words


Maurice Ashley What does it take to play top-level chess?

Think Big
Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Maurice Ashley has to be one of the most recognizable chess names in the world today. The first African-American International Grandmaster, Ashley went on to become the chess commentator for ESPN and the author of the best selling book  “Chess for Success: Using an Old Game to Build New Strengths in Children and Teens”. 113 more words


The King's Indian Attack - Easily Explained

Curious about chess DVDs? Learn more about a typical chess instructional disk in this review by Lance Martin in which he describes the content of the Foxy Chess Openings DVD on the King’s Indian Attack: 14 more words