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My Thoughts about Sinquefield 2016

Sinquefield cup 2016 was very exciting with many famous players such @GMHikaru, Fabiano Carauna etc.  I love commentaries by @Jen_Shahade, Yasser Seirawan, and Alejandro Ramire (@GMLittle_Peasant).   19 more words


The Female Species Play To Win

There is nothing more exciting than to see two ladies battle it out on the chessboard.  On my site I have devoted numerous times the contributions made by women of all ages to the joys for us all whose bookshelves are loaded with mostly male biographical  dominance of game play, stories, and chess problems. 756 more words


CT800 - embedded FLOSS Chess computer made with STM32-H405 OSHW board

We got interesting project link from Rasmus Althoff: CT800 is Free/Libre Open Source Software CHESS computer made with STM32-H405 Open Source Hardware board inside.

It has around 2100 ELO, maximum search depth 20 plies.  11 more words


Cheating Is A Strategy

Ginger: I hate being outsmarted by a ten year old.

Ruby: Then stop playing your nephew in chess.

Ginger: But he makes it look so easy! 115 more words


9-square Shogi great way to enter the convoluted world of Japanese chess

Brush up on your flying chariot versus incense chariot tactics with this close-quarters version of the complex Japanese relative of chess. 412 more words


Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate # 89

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric's 1981 book “Matni Udar”.

Black to play and mate White.

Unknown v Stoner, Sad 1924


A pretty variation of a standard theme of back rank mating (or back file mating). 40 more words