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Egyptians vs Romans (1)

Egyptians and Romans. Romans and Egyptians. Fighting. Or playing?

I’m the Roman. Steve is the Egyptian. I moved first. I’m slow. So is Steve.

With each new move I’ll post a new picture. 12 more words


Chess moves coming soon

Chess moves – 2 – coming soon for your view.

They’ve already been made – the moves – the first made by me.

About a week ago. 37 more words


Slim Saunders

Sylvester “Slim” Saunders Jr. was a New Orleans vocalist whose recording of “Lets Have some fun” was recorded in New Orleans and leased to Chess for national distribution in 1954. 17 more words


Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #333

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.

Black to play and mate White

Driksna v Strautins, corres 1967/68


Fairly standard today: the only question is in which order to check, to deliver mate by Rd1. 28 more words


Chess (1 min read)

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People judge chess too much. 274 more words


Old School Openings for Me

I’m still pretty traditional when it comes to openings in chess, especially as white. I still favor the King’s Pawn Opening, 1.e4.

However, when it comes to black, I’ve recently started transitioning over to the Sicilian as my opening of choice: 1.e4 c5. 9 more words