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Iran's chess grandmaster Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami attained top 4 spot at DC International 2015

Iranian GM Ghaem-Maghami (2562) shared the first place with British GM Luke McShane (2685), Indian GM Magesh Panchanathan (2541) and Bulgarian IM Andrey Gorovets (2514). 260 more words


An immortal game?

The young Chinese superstar Wei Ju has played an ‘immortal game’. Immortal means undying, which in chess terms means unforgettable. In retrospect such terms carry weight but for any game to be described as such within days of being played deserves the annotation (?!) pehaps that says more about the media culture that exists at present rather than the game itself methinks…um…well…erm…the good news is that it is a fantastically interesting game and may well never be forgotten. 26 more words


How Psychologists Study the Einstellung Effect in Chess

Cognitive bias can prevent even the most talented chess players from seeing the swiftest path to victory

The intellectually demanding game of chess has proved a wonderful way for psychologists to study the Einstellung effect—the brain’s tendency to stick with solutions it already knows rather than look for potentially superior ones. 191 more words


It's Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 40

White to play and win

Rusakov v Kalinkin, RSFSR, 1963


Black is well and truly trussed up, allowing White the time for 'revolution and evolution', to use a phrase from Jacob Aagaard's books on attacking. 69 more words


The Joy of Imperfection

The other night, I was playing chess with my roommate and doing better than usual; I saw a way to mate pretty early (and it would have been a beautiful series of moves) but, whether he saw it too or was just developing his pieces logically, he moved a pawn in such a way as to completely nullify the mate I had in mind. 330 more words


Boardgames in the News: Confusion at The Telegraph!

Anyone who plays modern boardgames knows how our hobby has been growing and growing.  Games like Carcassonne and The Settlers of Catan are now available in… 269 more words


Kimdred's Special: American Icon and Hero for the Depressed in America

Yes, I am one of many Americans who get a depressive feeling lasting through these past two decades until someone comes along to remind me that I am not alone in my belief that the scourge seen by the so-called political elite, meaning the ultra-liberal establishment that gave birth to the progressive movement for which it clings like a poison ivy growth on our national tree.  795 more words