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Can you correlate how a game of chess can define the pain of getting cheated, the pain of loosing someone special in your life..?

In these words you may find an unpleasant situation at some point in your life where feelings were hurt, emotions were shattered and you never expected the things to be same anymore.  163 more words


Doctors and Chess Players, Singapore

While writing the previous post about Prof Lim Kok Ann, I wondered about other local doctors who are/were also good chess players. There is no association between the two of course – skills needed for chess are not necessarily useful for a physician’s work, and vice versa. 411 more words


BPI Chess Club defends title at 2nd Interbank/Commercial Chess team tournament

BPI Chess Club Team becomes the back-to-back champion after defending its title on the 2nd Interbank/Commercial Chess Team tournament held on August 29, 2015 at BPI Head Office canteen. 975 more words


It's Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 98

White to play and win

Lutikov v Tal, Kiev 1964-65




Another rest day, the most interesting thing about the position is who the loser is. 131 more words


Peter Svidler Banter Blitz (post for the chess enthusiasts only)

This will be a brief post, but I forgot to add this link in my recent random stuff/open thread post and it’s arguably important enough to deserve a post of its own, so instead of adding a link to the old post – with the inherent risk of some people who’d be interested missing it – I’ll add a link… 177 more words


2nd Annual ChessHelps Chess Tournament

On Saturday, I won the 2nd place trophy in the Under 2000 section of the 2nd Annual ChessHelps chess tournament. I had two wins and two draws. 142 more words