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Chapter 3.3- Moving on

Lily maxed her logic skill

Mai becomes a toddler

Luci meets up with Reynoldo in the park

Lily-Ann becomes a child

Luci watches the starts with Reynoldo… 57 more words

The Butterfly Family

Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #182

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.

White to play and mate Black

Zuravljev v Romanov, Moscow 1952


A pretty one today: 1 Qg5! 27 more words


Of The Knight

His world was never


Black and white

But it was

Always glass

Sacrificing himself

For nothing

But lessons and other pawns

He never liked to… 77 more words


Anon-- Dear Friends!?

Having been selected for being a distinguished member of the Committee to raise millions for a monument to honor Hillary R. Clinton, as just one of many toward that end, I really feel honored to have earlier suggested that Hillary retire and not run for President but enjoy retirement from public life, enjoy the billions she sits on and reap the rewards of being the wife of Bill, having a beautiful daughter, a noisy but cheerful smiling grandchild where she could fully enjoy her wealth of self and playing grandma.  340 more words


Chuck Berry - Reeling and rocking/I will not let you go

The Chess UK singles – one by one

These live recordings were taken from the London Sessions LP and issued on Chess 6145020 in January 1973.

UK Singles

Maxim in Norfolk Junior Chess Grand Prix

Last Sunday, Maxim in Year 5 was invited to play in a chess tournament as part of the Norfolk Junior Grand Prix 2016-17. He got a good score after playing six rounds of chess against some very skilled county and national players. Well done Maxim!

Hethersett Old Hall School