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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #471

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.

White to play and mate Black

Visier v Meresau, Hungary 1979
I found this optically hard. 116 more words


#Chess Puzzle Worth Sharing 88

White just played “28. f4?”. How does Black punish White’s mistake? From the game: Salome Neuhauser – Defne Sade, European Club Cup (Women) in Antalya, Turkey 10/11/2017. 25 more words


Don's Coffee & Tea Party

You have no particular agenda nor looking for a particular outcome from daily events.  Remember that instant attraction?  But time unraveled it to be just a passing fancy.  241 more words


COE Fighting Maroons triumphs in chess

COE Fighting Maroons conquered the two-day chess tournament for both men’s and women’s division at the MMSU Hostel, October 19-20.

For the fourth time, the COE Fighting Maroons men’s division brought home the title after beating the other seven colleges. 162 more words



We look at the world like it’s a complete mess.

When in actuality it’s just like a game of chess.

We move forward, passing people left and right… 74 more words

Did I Say...

…that there is no straight road to your goals?

Yes, I did. As soon as I posted my last post, that rocky road started. But funny enough, not in a bad way. 636 more words

Chess in Almaty, Kazakhstan: a photo on Guardian Cities

In October 2017 the Guardian newspaper ran a series of features from Central Asia on the Guardian Cities webpage, entitled ‘Secret Stans’. The article “The decline of Russian dominance is striking: readers respond from the Stans” … 39 more words