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For Aprons Lacking of Pencil Pocket / Pour tabliers sans pochette à crayon

L’hiver je porte toujours un sarrau dans mon atelier, lequel possède une pochette de poitrine pour y glisser un crayon. L’été je porte un long tablier, lequel ne possède pas une telle pochette. 174 more words

My Own Tips / Mes Trucs

Chest Workout (1) - Flat Chest Press

Many alpha males consider chest is one of the muscles that need to be shown off. Chest muscles (pectoralis) gives the look of strength, solidity, and masculinity. 659 more words

Barbell Chest Press

7/26 Chest and Biceps

Hollywood muscles!!!

  • Bench press 4-6reps 3sets (275) + EZ Bar Curls 4-6reps 3sets (90)
  • Incline press 4-6reps 3sets (205) + hammer preacher curls 4-6reps 3sets (35)
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Fitness Programs

Toy Box Chest

The website is all about toys. Mainly about Shopkins. What makes this website different from other Shopkins website is that we have Shopkins Character Pages which are neat and has information about each of the characters. 12 more words

Reverse Grip Bench Press - Barbell

Reverse grip bench press – 3 sets of 8

This one might feel strange at first, but it’s worth it.

By reversing the grip you’ll hit your triceps harder & with less weight than you’d load using a normal grip. 62 more words


Chest and Core Workout 

Monday is chest day! I’ve been keeping my workouts super simple at the gym recently.

  • Barbell Bench Press: 4-6 reps, 4 sets, 2 min rest…
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