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Chestnut Sponge Cake - Recipe (Gluten Free)

Hello there dear people of the internet – who wants cake?

The other night my dad reminded me we had some chestnuts in the fridge and I was wondering what I could do with them. 637 more words


skippin' like a stone

I’ve never been any good at skipping stones. It’s a game requiring a special skill –  a knack – that I just don’t appear to possess; a flick of the wrist, an arm-angling swagger that, it would seem, has evaded me entirely … for going on 33 years now. 1,261 more words


Disaster Strikes - But I saw it coming...

No, this is not the second Thanksgiving. Wait patiently; it’s coming in a few days time. This is the annual chestnut cake. I’ve not made it myself. 301 more words


Mont Blanc Christmas meringue roulade with chestnut and whipped cream filling

Apparently created at the time of the Duchy of Savoy, Mont Blanc (the dessert) is a little cone of chestnut cream vermicelli and crème Chantilly over a base of meringue, inspired by the shape and colour of Mont Blanc ( 626 more words


Desserts Round Round Around the World

Have been traveling around the world all these years, I enjoy exploring luscious desserts and have tasted countless of them. Not only are the decorations amazing, but also they taste just absolutely palatable! 387 more words

Apple Strudel