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Dad loves chestnuts. I remember when I was a little girl, he always bought a full bag of roasted chestnuts (hand fried!) from the street hawkers in Kwun Tong on winter days, and the two of us always finished the bag in no time. 510 more words
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Lady M Cake

Another interesting recent craze: Lady M cake! Since its opening on 1st July in Harbour City Hong Kong, there seemed to be an endless queue of people wanting to try what New York Magazine called their Gâteau Nuage the best cheesecake in New York, and Bon Appétit Magazine named their signature mille crêpes as one of the top ten cakes in America! 111 more words


Sweets in Paris

In Paris, you can never miss the wonderful desserts and pastries.

One of the most famous pastry shops in Pairs is Angelina. It is a great place to taste the authentic French desserts or have afternoon tea with friends. 85 more words


Lady M

I went to the Plaza Food Hall boutique to try mille feuille. The selection at the Plaza Food Hall compared to the menu online is only a fraction of the offerings. 346 more words


Chestnut and Chocolate Cake and other good things

It’s autumn so it’s chestnut season. Well chestnuts might be called nuts but actually they have little in common with them. They’re low in protein and fat, and very high in carbohydrate, which these days might be enough to stop you reading right now. 1,648 more words


Starbucks Coffee Hong Kong

I know a lot of people see these chains while they’re traveling & think … “Why would you go there when you’re in a foreign country? 289 more words


Invincible Chestnuts

It was a year ago when we first tried roasted chestnuts. Hot out of the oven, we carefully cracked open the shells to get to the steamy, soft and sweet flesh inside. 744 more words

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