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Chestnut, banana and chocolate cake

Since acquiring a case full of chestnut flour and trying to incorporate it into various different recipes, it has quickly become one of my favourite flours to work with. 283 more words

Gluten Free

stocking up on pear sauce for future gluten-free and dairy-free crêpes (and how to make them!)

Soon pears will not be in season in our part of the globe ; so now is the time to stock up ! I buy a few, peel and core them, cut them up, and put them to cook on low in a saucepan with a little water at the bottom. 1,044 more words

Sulfite Free

Hygge Spicy Biscotti Recipe

Hygge – Spicy Biscotti Recipe    

Continuing the theme of Hygge-inspired recipes (we ARE still in winter after all, so need a little extra comfort!!), I have included here one for spicy biscotti biscuits. 295 more words

Healthy Eating

Chestnut Flour Pancakes

Happy New Year! May your 2017 is a sweet one!

I was very curious about the chestnut flour when I found it in a quite corner of my local grocery shop. 166 more words


The Pizzaiolo (Recipe)

First, I would like to dedicate this post to my fellow blogger Julia from “Julia chews the fat”; she inspired me to speak about an important part of my life, the day I became a “Pizzaiolo”, or for you and me, a pizza chef. 762 more words


Monkfish Lentils Celeriac

Last Friday was my mother’s anniversary, and after 19 years of absence, I still like to make a little something special to mark the occasion. I was on my own, and since we were reaching the end of the week, my fridge and food press (cupboard) looked like a Russian supermarket in the 80’s. 425 more words


Gluten-free chestnut flour brownie (castagnaccio)

Stefano Fugazzi reports

A gluten-free recipe made with chestnut flour. With a couple of twists!

Allergy advice: contains nuts.


200g chestnut flour

1 cup of warm water… 104 more words

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