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It Can Only Enrich Both

It can only enrich both efforts to find that two separate lines of inquiry have reached the same conclusions. This remains my impression after reading Coram’s… 469 more words

John Boyd

Certain to Win

This is another “must read” book for leaders… from Purple Curve magazine:

Certain To Win

Emergence - Part 3 - The Rules

Once before, at a time of great change – the Ending of the Ice Age – Mankind used Emergence to not only come through but to take a new place on the planet. 3,239 more words


What’s Col. John Boyd got to do with New Product Development?

The Lean Software Systems Consortium is meeting at the Long Beach Convention Center May 4 -7, 2011. The key-note speaker Chet Richards an Acolyte of Col. 555 more words

Sun Tzu and America’s Way of War

A biography of the author of this excellent essay can be found here.

Sun Tzu and America’s Way of War

by Jon Basil Utley… 1,671 more words


Updates about hot issues discussed on the FM website

Some articles about themes discussed on the FM website.

  1. Demographics, shaping our world
  2. India
  3.  Japan
  4. American’s greatest enemy
  5. America’s rotten boroughs — States with 2 Senators, but few people…
  6. 1,047 more words
Other Issues

Advice about our long war – “It’s the tribes, stupid”

Today’s post examines advice to us from historian Steven Pressfield:

“The real enemy in Afghanistan isn’t Islamism or jihadism. It’s tribalism. … Can we Westerners impose ‘citizen values’ on a tribal society?”  (from…

2,249 more words
Iraq & Afghanistan