Arhaan 8 years old

Dear Arhaan

Woohoo! You are going to be 8. It has always been a magical number for me for many idiotic reasons. I remember I was 6 when I made my first sarcastic comment – I hadn’t done well in Maths and while getting scolded I just said “ It’s just a test – It isn’t as if the heavens fell down!” Needless to say your grandparents were left speechless and I was given the royal ticking off once they recovered. 723 more words

Dil Ki Rahen (B.R.Ishara, 1973) – or love is the only solution

I am not in the mood for a Hindu-Muslim love story after a particularly confused rendition of Edward Albee’s ‘The Zoo Story’ (1958), transposed to Mumbai, with the addition of a skullcap and the shadow of terror. 1,698 more words

The Movies

Chetna (B.R.Ishara, 1970) – maybe it’s ok to be lost

I was 5 when Chetna released. And yet, I have this memory of its iconic poster. The bare legs of a girl spread apart, standing on a bed. 1,442 more words

The Movies