Recipe: Chetna's Pistachio, Cardamom and White Chocolate Cake

So, I’m a huge, huge fan of The Great British Baking Show, and one of my favorite contestants was Chetna Makan! What I loved about seeing her recipes is that she was always able to add in an Indian element or spice or something to her dish every round, making it stand out from the rest of the contestants. 235 more words


Arhaan 8 years old

Dear Arhaan

Woohoo! You are going to be 8. It has always been a magical number for me for many idiotic reasons. I remember I was 6 when I made my first sarcastic comment – I hadn’t done well in Maths and while getting scolded I just said “ It’s just a test – It isn’t as if the heavens fell down!” Needless to say your grandparents were left speechless and I was given the royal ticking off once they recovered. 723 more words

Dil Ki Rahen (B.R.Ishara, 1973) – or love is the only solution

I am not in the mood for a Hindu-Muslim love story after a particularly confused rendition of Edward Albee’s ‘The Zoo Story’ (1958), transposed to Mumbai, with the addition of a skullcap and the shadow of terror. 1,698 more words

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