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Match Report: vs Chevening Amblers

After suffering a tough month, the Ramblas headed to Chevening with the aim of starting July off with a bang. However, they were dealt a hammer blow when an already depleted squad was reduced to seven available players after skipper Johnny Stocks had to pull out with a broken thumb and his brother Laurie (looking to make his first Ramblas appearance in two years) couldn’t make the trip due to a broken car. 1,136 more words


Not mere luck - How I got my Chevening Scholarship

My Instagram are full of my traveling pictures around United Kingdom. Since I got here last September, I’ve been traveling to more than 15 cities and attending more than 8 musicals/concerts/festivals, and the best part is, they are all sponsored by Chevening Scholarship. 835 more words

On Chevening Journey

[My UK Path] Episode 8: The Relay

<Vietnamese version below/ Tiếng Việt ở dưới>

My dad rarely shares his childhood stories. While I have lived with my parents for 27 years, still there are many accounts that I have never heard until I am married. 1,995 more words


IELTS, Chevening, and Career Planning

It felt like I was woken up by the Angel of Death. My heart was racing like a frightened rabbit running from its death. I sat on the edge of my bed, with my legs down on the floor as if they were glued, trying to decipher what was wrong with my body physiologically. 528 more words

[My UK Path] Episode 6: What is it like to be a Chevening scholar?

1. Your mother’s maiden name is no secret to your Chevening fellows because theirs “happen” to be identical to yours.
2. You realise that the name “Chevening” is actually pronounced /ˈtʃiːv(ə)nɪŋ/ (Chee-V-Ning), like you match the “ch” in “chat” with “evening”. 186 more words


Excited Me

It’s been a while since I wrote my last entry. I’ve been somewhat busy with work and family lately. 😁😁

Where should I start? The fun bits or the overwhelming bits? 781 more words

The Day of Your Interview. It’s Your Time to Shine!

The big day has come!

I am sure you are nervous. Try to relax and enjoy this experience. Here is a short checklist of things to remember on the day of your interview. 311 more words