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Long-Term Car Review: 2015 BMW i3 – Part 2

We are now halfway through our 60-day test drive of the new 2015 BMW i3 plug-in electric vehicle equipped with the range-extender. So far in the past month, with its lightweight carbon fibre/aluminum chassis and powerful electric powertrain, it has been all too easy to geek out about driving one of the most technically advanced vehicles you can buy starting under $50,000. 1,528 more words

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Theme : Hybrids - GM Pushes The Definition

Was GM’s EV ever a contender? And is it a Parallel Hybrid? This is a revised version of a post published last October following the Opel Ampera’s withdrawal from sale.  1,455 more words

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Driving Your Chevy Volt in L "Mode"

Since the car doesn’t have “gears” you can’t really call the selector on the center console a “gear selector” and you can’t really call the selections “gears.” 738 more words


General Motors Begins Repurposing Chevrolet Volt Batteries At IT Offices

Last week, it was reported General Motors would unveil a plan to repurpose batteries from Chevrolet Volt PHEVs. Today, GM has secured an essential step in understanding the best way to use the remaining energy stored inside the battery packs. 331 more words

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Chevrolet announces 2016 Volt specs

by Allen Bingefarter

Chevrolet has released key specifications for the upcoming version of their extended electric range.

  • Vehicle name: Chevoltlet Volt
  • Type: Expended-range elected vehicle…
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Tesla reportedly working on Model 3 crossover

Tesla is planning an additional variant of its upcoming Model 3 sedan.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Tesla will be adding a crossover variant to the Model 3, in a bid to make that particular lineup a gateway into the more expensive… 89 more words


What Is A Dyson Sphere?

The whole earth uses approximately 15 TW (terawatts) of energy/year. The sun that strikes the earth would be able to create 89,300 TW/year. The sun is able to provide 5953 times as much energy as we need! 634 more words

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