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Chew on This: Bowl and Barrel

DALLAS – When you think of a bowling alley, you usually don’t associate it with gourmet food. But maybe you should, especially when it comes to… 291 more words


Chew on This: So-Cal Tacos

GRAPEVINE – Cali eats in Texas? Believe it or not, there’s a place in the Metroplex that’ll satisfy your west coast cravings. It’s So-Cal Tacos… 203 more words


'Dish Society' brings local flair to traditional southern food

HOUSTON – When you think southern food, greasy goodness often comes to mind, but picture a menu with all the down-home fixings, with a farm-to-table twist.  305 more words

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Chew on This: Cake Bar

TRINITY GROVES – If you’re looking for a sweet slice of the deep South, Cake Bar in Trinity Groves is the place you want to go to. 239 more words


Burgers and fries the way they were always meant to be

HOUSTON  – Good news Houston, Monday is “National French Fries Day”, and House of Fries is just the place to celebrate.

“I believe we were the first to introduce the loaded fries to Houston. 271 more words


Palestinian restaurant masters tastes of home, and Texas

HOUSTON, TX – Mediterranean can mean a whole world of flavors, but at Al Aseel, it’s all about the traditional dishes of Palestine.

“ ‘the original’, so, we serve the original food of Palestine,” explains Al Aseel owner, Ali Khativ. 273 more words


Chew on This: Vivo 53

FORT WORTH – Just walking by this place, it may not scream pizza, but don’t be fooled. If you’re looking for some authentic Italian, with a rustic twist, … 242 more words