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Chew on This: Samson's Gourmet Hotdogs

DALLAS – Troy Gardner is no stranger to the restaurant biz. So when he started a new concept, he knew it had to be something classic – with a bit of a twist . 271 more words


Why do bad things happen to good people? (Part 1)

I feel like you can’t have a discussion about God without this question coming up. And I feel like you can’t have this question without someone responding with “sometimes God tests us…” I have always hated that response. 545 more words

Head to Peska for a seafood fix from one of the great young chefs in the U.S.

HOUSTON –  Peska Seafood Culture, on Post Oak Blvd. in Midtown, has something not many other restaurants can brag about and that’s having one of the youngest Executive Chefs in the U.S. 325 more words

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Chew on This: Dallas Beer Kitchen

DALLAS – Food and beer, beer and food. Whether you’re looking for one or the other — or both — Dallas Beer Kitchen on Greenville Ave. 304 more words


Dalila's Leftovers: Bangkok City

DALLAS — It’s Thai Restaurant Week here in DFW. NewsFix took a moment out of our Chew on This to taste what Dallas’ Bangkok City is cooking up. 90 more words


Reggae Hut offers a taste of the islands

HOUSTON –  Hey man,  is all that weed making you hungry? Ha ha just kidding! Head for the Reggae Hut Cafe in the heart of Midtown, where they’ve been dishing out plantains for the last 20 years. 232 more words

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Chew on This: Bangkok City

DALLAS — There are more than 100 Thai restaurants in the DFW Metroplex, but there’s one that’s serving a healthy helping of history. That’s Bangkok City… 299 more words