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Magaalo Laga Mamnuucay Calashiga Xanjada

Mid ka mid ah magaalooyinka dalka Ingiriiska ayaa gabi ahaanba mamnuuc laga dhigay in xanjada lagu cuno ama loola soo baxo dibada, waxaana sida warbaahintu sheegtay qof kasta oo iska indho tira sharcigaas 383 more words

Layaabka Dunida

5 Under 5: Stress Relievers

Hugs are always my go-to to relieve some stress and, from one stressed out human being to another, it’s almost always effective. Unfortunately, there isn’t always someone around to hug. 898 more words

5 Under 5

Wintergreen-Did You Know?

Did you know Wintergreen is the oil of surrender? It can help the strong-willed person in letting go of the need to be right, and the need to know. 213 more words

The Did You Know Guy

Chewing Gum - Hiroshi Satow 

smelling like a crazy rose,
are you chewing a gum,

or are you a chewing gum?

once you kiss me,

you’re too sticky,

don’t ever let me; … 36 more words


Crap Journalism - The Future of Comedy

I have never watched the sitcom Chewing Gum. Nor, from any of the descriptions I have read of it, including those referenced in the… 349 more words


Cinnamon Spicer

Sean Spicer is here to kick ass and chew gum, and he’s got a whole lot of gum.

Sean Spicer cites Atlanta terror attack that never happened
Fake News