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Do you think chewing gum really helps prevent you from eating?

If anything, whenever I chew gum it makes me feel more hungry than ever. 143 more words


Avoid Poisoning Your Dog

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in a variety of sugar-free cookies, candies, puddings, baked goods, mints and chewing gum, has been proven to be highly toxic, even at times, fatal, to dogs. 208 more words

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The First Pop and Blam of Bubblegum!

When you think of bubblegum, I’ll bet 10,000 gum balls the Fleer brothers don’t enter your mind. But the Fleer brothers started it all. The story begins when Philadelphia native Frank Fleer, born in 1860, joined and later took over his father-in-law’s flavor extracts company. 635 more words


Day 5 - Gum the savior

Yesterday I bought a pack of sugar free peppermint chewing gum and today I have discovered its miraculous powers as whenever I was chewing the gum my cravings went away and I no longer felt the cravings making me forget about the food I wasn’t eating making it easier for me to not eat , possibly because whenever I was chewing something I felt as though I was eating replacing the need for me to eat food almost how an e-cigarette works… 28 more words

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Out of curiosity, I began to look up the environmental effects of chewing gum. Apparently, not a lot of research exists, but 560,000 tons of the stuff is chewed worldwide every year… 169 more words


Chewing gum- Banned

Can you imagine your favorite double-fruity-mint gum being illegal to buy? That’s what happened in Singapore until 2004!

Singapore could not sell or import any kind  23 more words


Who's chewing up all that stolen gum?

Could the recent theft of big quantities of chewing gum from area businesses be linked to global organized crime?

Police in Windsor and Essex County are investigating several large-scale store thefts of chewing gum. 527 more words