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A problem that sticks: How does Chewing gum effect our environment?

We can buy chewing gums everywhere, in every little shop on the street and we mostly use them for refreshment after lunch. Chewing gum is definitely something so small that we do not really find it harmful for the environment. 525 more words

Tuesday poem: Third in a long series of nasty little poems

Third in a long series of nasty little poems

Her stilettos so sharp
her brain the chewing gun
beneath one heel;
occasionally a thought sticks. 37 more words


Designs to Chew On

In a very impressive use of ordinary objects, Sam Kaplan’s Unwrapped series takes the ordinary stick of gum to a new level of sophistication. Using… 23 more words


The perfectly flawed Me

I wanted to give him a label. My thoughts were interrupted by a harsh nudge. “Mom,” was my irritated speech. My frown turned into an amazement when I saw the lady extending her hand. 743 more words


Moving Seats (Or Musical Chairs)

I have to work a certain amount of Saturdays in the call centre, and the last few months my department has been required to sit at other desks. 195 more words

Call Centres

It’s Okay to Swallow Your Chewing Gum

Our parents invented some pretty wild stories to prevent us from swallowing things we weren’t supposed to. Now that we’re older (and wiser), we know watermelon seeds won’t actually sprout a tree in our stomach.

111 more words
Today I Learned

No Politics Monday #2

Welcome once again to “No-Politics Monday”.  I have decided to make this a weekly tradition, as the one I did last Monday seemed to make a few people happy, and as I said last week, Mondays are hard enough already.  820 more words