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In A Dither

In bed.


The glimmer from my iPad clouds my periphery. Like cigarette smoke did. I push the icons with fingers that tremble and twitch. Spinning a chronicle to people I don’t know with hope they’ll know what I need to know. 188 more words


I've Been Bested

Today I wanted to be on my best behavior for my best friend.

I hadn’t met her.

I lumbered from the car and shuffled the sidewalk. 153 more words

Personal Reflection


This morning I stood before a full length mirror and looked at the losing and the loss and the gone.

My chest is bruised the complexions of autumn. 79 more words


Full Of It


Let him fix me or let me sit in a chair. I can’t keep up the propel. I don’t have the fuel of fortitude. 48 more words

Personal Reflection

R2 Talk Pearls: Peritoneal Dialysis

Mady Burkart’s PD pearls:

  • CHF remains a major public health problem
  • PD is uniquely position to be a supplemental therapy for patients with decompensated & treatment resistant CHF…
  • 58 more words


It’s the helplessness. It’s the less of control.

That’s what disease does. It strips your supremacy. Your body assaults you. Stealth. Without threats. One day you’re a prisoner of a war captured by a new reality: impotence. 227 more words


If it's not one thing...

Friday was one of those days. Mom had her first session with the physical therapist, and it did not go well. He had her lying on her back on the bed doing leg stretches and she was having trouble breathing, and he got snippy with me because I “undermined his authority” by responding to her needs without clearing it with him first. 659 more words