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What will it take?

What will it take for Mary Polak and Christy Clark to take real action on the serious concerns being raised by the citizens of Shawnigan Lake? 2,034 more words

Watch the Save Shawnigan Water Video

To understand both the frustration and determination of the Shawnigan community, you need only watch this video.

Shawnigan Lake is a beautiful community with a bright future, and we will never give up our efforts to protect our water.

Church Clothes 3 🙏🏾


First, I just have to say how lucky are guys? You’re going to receive 2 blogs in one day. I write my posts in advance and schedule them to post on their own. 322 more words


Artist Spotlight: Jgivens

For those of you familiar with the Christian Hip Hop industry, you know of the main labels; Reach, RMG, and Humble Beast. All feature great artists with unique styles. 235 more words


Review of Shad Gill's Svn7VII

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

While many in CHH—Christian Rap, Holy Hip-Hop, or whatever else you want to call it—are trying to figure out whether or not Reach is still unashamed; or if it should or should not be called Christian Rap; and at the end of the day attempting to find the genre’s identity, one person stands out as unconcerned with these things. 454 more words

Double Edge

X Marks The Christ

Over a year ago, I posted a blog series called the Miseducation Of Jesus Christ. In it, I spoke about the X in Xmas. Being that it’s the Christmas time of the year, and i’m sure a lot of people didn’t see the post, I wanted to bring this particular one back. 541 more words

Christian Hip Hop

New Music: November

  1. Foo Fighters St. Cecilia EP

This surprise EP from the modern rock icons holds together as a brief bunch of great, simple rock tunes. They are my favorite rock band and they have won me back after their departure into rock history anthology projects. 166 more words

New Music