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Dragon & Tiger Qigong!

Dragon & Tiger Chi Gung is a set of exercises that is based on the acupuncture meridian system and is a great place to start learning how to improve your health. 205 more words


Seek to Fail Daily!

“Awaken each day with the overwhelming desire to fail.”

A few days ago I was training with Master Xu in the park when he told me to do 2 sets of One Armed Push-Ups…. 192 more words

Finding Balance and Poise.

To continue , from my  last post , My Inner Texan, and Meditation, where I started to develop  a model of looking at the process of addressing meditative activities. 759 more words


A Place of Abundance, Authenticity, and Natural Beauty.

For many Millenia, our mystic friends from many traditions, have described a place that coexists alongside our normal waking consciousness. In our Tradition, we call this place… 670 more words

Daily Practice


When life gets busy and challenging, time wise, there are days that I just am not able to get my morning playtime in. This is not an unusual event, life can be complicated, and each month finds a few days that I don’t have a formal playtime in the morning.  281 more words


Do Your Thoughts Affect How You Perceive the World?

After many years of engaging my thoughts and imagination with movement and meditation, I am reminded daily how much my thoughts affect not only my body/mind but also how I perceive the world. 484 more words

Daily Practice

A Little Rumi, A Little Meditation

I wish I could tell you that it is easy getting up every morning and engaging some kind of practice.  I wish that I could say I hopped out of bed with inspiration, direction, and the need and desire to connect to something larger than myself, to meet the big “I” of me and feel it obscure the worries of the day to day “me”.  510 more words

Daily Practice