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My First Run Sort Of

  • A STORY: I met a stranger on a game through my phone. She loves to run. I told her about my behavioral contract, and that my end goal was to be able to run around the entire lake at the park.
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Mississauga Marathon Part 1: Taper Time!

Exciting times! On Sunday I’ll be running my first marathon ever! Sam, who has a gift for generating blog ideas not just for herself but also for me, made a special request for a three-part series: 1. 761 more words


Seeking Perfect

Originally posted at Fat Slow Triathlete on April 8, 2015

Writing a blog is at the same time both exciting and fearful. Returning readers are used to your ramblings, your sense of humor (such as it is), your hot buttons, and your propensity to ramble and shoot off topic from time to time. 912 more words

Fat Slow Triathlete

Episode 71: Dream Warriors

We have not done an episode like this in quite a while. We have some things on our minds ranging from the social media world we live in, different ways we communicate, eating beliefs, and they way the new world interacts with each other. 107 more words


Reconnecting with Chi Running: Chi Marathon Training

Way back at the beginning of our blog, I wrote about Chi Running. Chi Running is a style of running that touts itself as “injury free.” For many, the idea of running without any injuries at all is a wishful thinking. 968 more words

act2create: Mistake identified, Heel Striking!

Ever since I have began running at the park, I have felt pain in my knees. At first, I thought that my body was not used to it and it would take some time to recover from the pain but it never did. 90 more words


Last Week's Workouts

Hi all! How many of you have today off? Not so for me, but WHH does. #jealous

I wanted to mix things up a bit and share my workouts from last week and the plan for this week. 306 more words