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Try Chi

I thoroughly enjoyed this informative and entertaining Run to the Top podcast interview with Danny Dreyer, inventor of the “chi running” technique/process, and author of the… 370 more words

Fitness Over 50


I know quite a few people right around me who are doing an admirable job of keeping up their fitness and even their competitiveness as they enter their 50s and beyond. 469 more words

Fitness Over 50

What is this blog about?

After a healthy and athletic youth and young adulthood, I gradually morphed in my late thirties and forties into a somewhat sedentary creature. Over the course of those ten or more years, I worked desk jobs, went back to graduate school (more sitting!), and was content to engage in a bit of weekend warriorism – a little tennis, hiking, the occasional 5K (when an old knee injury would allow it). 599 more words

Fitness Over 50

Prep to run my fastest 5K

The areas I’ll need to focus are

  1. Effortless movement
  2. Brisk pace – around 3 min/km
  3. Constant pace with enough in the tank for a 500 meter sprint…
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Chi running drills

My 2nd 10K, 3 weeks back; At around the 6k mark just as the end goal of completing without issues seemed to be possible, my left knee felt sore. 1,091 more words

Morning Run : 3rd Jun '17

The goal was to run longer, more than the usual 3.10 miles, and try to get close to 10,000 steps without worrying too much about the time.   466 more words

Chi Running, Yoga & why we all need to relax to improve

I signed up for a ‘Chi Running & Yoga’ day with Nick Constantine and Mark Russell after it had been recommended by a client who had been last year. 781 more words