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Chia Obama Sales Are Leading Chia Romney Sales...

Now there is a new kind of poll about the Presidential election – the “Chia Poll.” While Romney and Obama are battling it out in the political polls, Chia versions of Romney and Obama are battling it out at K-mart stores and online. 235 more words


It's ALIVE!!!

I’ve been writing about a dead bad guy a lot lately.  What do you say we shift gears?

I’ve never been a huge plant person.  That’s not to say that I have anything against plants.  477 more words


Obama Chia Pet

I fucking want one. It’s a great way to say “I love you,” and another way to say “I think we’re broke.”


Propositions for this Christmas

This Christmas I propose we don’t buy any products that only come out prior to Christmas (Chia Obama, Ove Glove, and the all-in-one-screwdriver-flashlight-tire-pressure-checker-emergency-ice-scraper-pedometer). I propose we don’t buy any gifts out of obligation. 202 more words


Russell grows more insufferable as book sales mount

W.H. Russell sat grinning obnoxiously and ordering Modelos and nachos for all the patrons of a popular Brewster eatery.  “I’m a local bestselling author,” crowed Russell. 106 more words


The success of late-night infomercials is truly a phantom phenomenon to me.  I have never bought anything off of a television infomercial.  I don’t know anybody who’s ever confessed to me that they’ve bought anything off of a television infomercial. 415 more words

Media Ridiculousness

agIsh: Uh…

Oh. Wow.

Yes, this is real.


Mind Fuck