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The Temples of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai smells like incense and flowers. In the streets, bikes whirl by as men shove foreigners in the back of red trucks for tours and golden spires reflect the sun onto the water in the moat. 552 more words




本來想說去個越南寮國柬埔寨之類的,但是要辦簽證、訂機票、訂住宿、查行程查資料還有去移民局弄re-entry,考前實在沒時間也沒心思弄所以只好作罷。想來想去,國內究竟有哪裡可以一次玩這麼久呢?最後就決定了要去大家一致狂推、自己也沒去過的清邁惹!!看了一堆網誌以後覺得好像可以什麼都不用計畫的直接衝去,反正到了再想要去哪就好(不外乎看廟、按摩、逛夜市跟咖啡廳嘛有什麼難的),所以我就真的這樣傻傻的訂了來回交通和住宿,就什麼準備都沒有的去了清邁…(傻子的行為請勿模仿) 118 more words


Our First Slice of Pai

That title is probably used way too often, o well, it’s rad. We loved this place the minute we got here. It’s a small town, placed in the mountains, full of backpackers, and has a really laid back vibe. 662 more words


Market city

I awoke to my girlfriend looking at elephants.
“Lets see some elephants” She said
“Aren’t you already looking at some?”
“c’mon get real, they have elephant tours here” 1,246 more words

Hot & Steamy

Well, it was actually cool and cloudy but walking even a 10th of a mile with a gradient of about 12% warms me up pretty quickly. 139 more words


Thai Traditional Complementary Medicine

Hot, herbal infused, tightly rolled towels are being pressed into my spine, legs and arms at the end of my 90 minute massage and just when I think  it has ended, I am asked to sit up and to my surprise, I feel my neck and head being manipulated and moved. 579 more words


Elephant Nature Park 

For one week we signed up to help out with the elephants at Elephant Nature Park, just outside Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. It is called volunteering but is more voluntourism as you have to pay to volunteer. 2,355 more words

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