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Ichigo-gari in Chiba

Imagine yourself walking through lines over lines of ripe, red, juicy strawberries, eating here and there one of the sweet fruits while being warmed by the sun… 387 more words

Visiting Japan

Day 2 in Japan

Day 2 was an amazing shock. I thought it would be a boring uneventful day, but the Japanese’s version of boring is most folks excitement. The Japanese are the ultimate foodies. 235 more words


Event of "eje&" in Chiba, Japan

Hi, sorry for no post for long time!!

Today’s topic is about an event of “eje&” in “Miyazaki-tei”.
“eje&” held an sales and exhibition event in Miyazaki-tei on February, and it’s second time they will have their event there. 179 more words


Rant #1: Studying Abroad is Essential!

To those who brag about how good you are in your Japanese class (or whatever language you’re learning), I’m here to say WAKE UP! I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that before, and most of the time it’s not even true. 580 more words


鯛パフェ - TaiParfait (Makuhari, Chiba)

I was in Chiba the other day to watch the band Kana-Boon. I finished eating at a nearby restaurant and wanted something sweet. Enter Taiparfait. It’s a small shop in the Makuhari food court. 68 more words


Japan for Free!

You must be thinking… WAIT FOR FREE?

Long story short, I was selected along with 22 other students out of 90+ applicants to go to Japan for free! 140 more words