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Dissecting Wandering Son, Part 1: I Am A Girl and The Transient Daughter

There are few works which handle transgender characters well, and fewer works which people can actually say helped them understand what it’s like to be transgender. 1,557 more words


The Beauty of the Geisha Copyright of Albert and Florence

As she strolled elegantly along the Kyoto surburbs,

Her silk woven Kimono fabricated from finest Tan,

Intricately hand stitched,

Decorated with luxurious Shibori, 89 more words


The Art of Bonsai Copyright of Albert and Florence


A traditional family craft passed down from generation to generation,

One tree may take hundreds of years to grow,

Like a full grown tree presented in miniature, 66 more words


The Hiyayakko or the Century Egg - Copyright of Albert and Florence

As I grow old in this adopted country,

Remembering my long lost kin,

In my far away homeland:

Times and environment have reshaped me.

And yet, the smell of home cooking still haunts me, 127 more words


The Matsuri Festival – Copyright of Albert and Florence

In an antiquated district of Tokyo that narrates itself,

The throng pervades in their thousands,

Kimono clad ladies parade like peacocks,

Street stalls sit on every corner, 129 more words


Sawara Festival

When I visited the beautiful historical town of Sawara, the people in town pointed at the posters on the wall and said I should come back to see the big festival. 943 more words


Japan Day 4: Going to Museums Because It's Too Hot Outside

I thought the weather was okay yesterday, albeit still humid, but we tried to stay out of the heat as much as possible and go to museums and other such places. 424 more words