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THE LAB: DIY Glitter Highlighter

Happy New Year, you beautiful babies! YOU LOOK GREAT. We have some seriously big news to share with you, tootsie pops: we made a MAGAZINE… 213 more words

How Old Is Too Old

THE LAB: Batiste, You Beast

File this one under “Old Dog, Old Tricks,” friends, because obviously everyone on Earth knows and uses Batiste, except me, until now. WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL POTION??? 195 more words

How Old Is Too Old

Madras Playsuit Separates

HELLO I MADE A FAUX ROMPER. Nothing says Chicago Summer 2017 like formal rompers – check that: formal off-the-shoulder rompers – and I, for one, am so tired of looking at them that I went and made myself a pretend romper with straps that constantly fall off of my shoulders. 162 more words

Wardrobe Myself

THE LAB: DIY Fresh Flower Embellishment

What’s this? Two LABS in a row?? Lollapalooza just wrapped (hello drunk babies!), and because I’m on summer mode and very behind schedule in everything, here’s a perfectly-timed tutorial to help you look super relevant at all of your future outdoor music events. 499 more words

How Old Is Too Old

Manic Monday

So I’m working on a wedding magazine for myself and friends and family members with Blurb.com. I’m using Vogue and the Knot as inspiration and really having fun with it! 13 more words