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AMERICA - Rich Paschall

With the fiftieth anniversary of the band looming on the horizon, Chicago has no intention of giving up.  Things have changed over the years, but remarkably, the sound remains as vibrant as ever.  658 more words


Joel Wicklund reviews "The Fits" for his Windy City Cinema page on ChicagoNow

Equal parts naturalistic drama and enigmatic, expressionistic art film, The Fits is an uncompromising and impressive first narrative feature from writer-director Anna Rose Holmer. Some may find it emotionally remote and those who like clear answers to mysteries posed are bound to be frustrated. 22 more words

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Joel Wicklund reviews "The Blackout Experiences" and "The Witness" for Chicago Now and Windy City Cinema


Even at an age many would consider far too old for it, I enjoy a good haunted house. Most autumns, close to Halloween, my wife and I will indulge our inner adolescents and take in a spook house—usually run by a Jaycees group or some local community organization or theatrical enterprise. 204 more words

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Joel Wicklund reviews "Therapy for a Vampire" for Chicago Now and Windy City Cinema

Its humor may be too low-key for those who prefer their horror comedies on the boisterous side, but loyal fans of “golden age” fright films are bound to get a kick out of Therapy for a Vampire. 33 more words

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Joel Wicklund reviews "Nuts!" for his blog Windy City Cinema

Dr. John Romulus Brinkley was a pioneer in radio and advertorial marketing, as well as a populist politician who was almost elected governor of Kansas as a write-in candidate. 169 more words

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Windy City Cinema's Joel Wicklund reviews "Tale of Tales" on Chicago Now

Tale of Tales is an anthology fantasy film stripped of sentimentality and soaked in sardonic humor…not to mention more than a little blood. Exploitation filmmaker Charles Band once produced a softcore sex comedy called Adult Fairy Tales, but this lavish oddity really deserves that title. 79 more words

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