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Joel Wicklund reviews "Always Shine" on his Windy City Cinema blog on ChicagoNow

Deftly walking a line between commercial thriller and unapologetic art house fare, Always Shine is a gripping portrait of the “frenemy” syndrome that seems fairly prevalent among younger women. 39 more words


Windy City Cinema critic Joel Wicklund reviews "Loving" and "Dog Eat Dog" for Chicago Now


Opening less than nine months after his previous feature, Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols’ Loving seemed like it might be as conventional as the earlier film was not. 128 more words


ChicagoNow writer Seven Gunn reviews "Resilience" as part of coverage of the CIFCC Showcase

The Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle would like to extend a thank you to writer Seven Gunn of ChicagoNow for her solid and positive review of James Redford’s “Resilience” as part of coverage of the CIFCC Showcase.   96 more words


Joel Wicklund reviews "The Magnificent Seven" for his Windy City Cinema page on Chicago Now

What 2016’s The Magnificent Seven lacks in class, it tries to make up for in volume and carnage. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), it’s yet another example of one of the greatest recurring sins of modern Hollywood: the endless climax. 90 more words


AMERICA - Rich Paschall

With the fiftieth anniversary of the band looming on the horizon, Chicago has no intention of giving up.  Things have changed over the years, but remarkably, the sound remains as vibrant as ever.  658 more words


Joel Wicklund reviews "The Fits" for his Windy City Cinema page on ChicagoNow

Equal parts naturalistic drama and enigmatic, expressionistic art film, The Fits is an uncompromising and impressive first narrative feature from writer-director Anna Rose Holmer. Some may find it emotionally remote and those who like clear answers to mysteries posed are bound to be frustrated. 22 more words