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Joel Wicklund reviews "Lolo" for his "Windy City Cinema" site on Chicago Now

Jokes about female genitalia smelling like fish. An itching powder causes a woman to think her boyfriend has contracted an STD. Admiring remarks about large penises. 97 more words

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Joel Wicklund examines the freaky side of slapstick of "Men & Chicken" for Chicago Now and Windy City Cinema

Let’s run down some of the major elements of Men & Chicken, shall we?

  • Taxidermic abuse (beatings with stuffed wild animals)
  • Kitchenware abuse (beatings with cast iron pots and rolling pins)
  • 106 more words
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Joel Wicklund reviews "The Mobfathers" for Windy City Cinema and Chicago Now

Veering from straightforward crime saga to camp comedy to operatic melodrama, The Mobfathers suffers from some of the tonal inconsistency that plagues a good amount of Hong Kong’s commercial genre films. 59 more words

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Joel Wicklund of Windy City Cinema reviews "Valley of Love" on Chicago Now

Huppert. Depardieu.

Those are the first closing credits in Valley of Love. No last names required, at least in France and certainly throughout much of the world, where Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Depardieu are film icons. 11 more words

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ChicagoNow's Jimmy Greenfield: "This is like the Rip Van Winkle moment for the Cubs"

ChicagoNow Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield watched the Cubs game and joins Justin to provide the kind of in-depth analysis that you won’t see on your nightly sports report. 10 more words

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