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Lilacia Park; Lombard, IL

The “Lilac Town” has a pungent park named Lilacia Park. Many people in the Chicago area are familiar with it. It’s a small plot of land that is pleasant enough most of the year, but in Spring comes alive with color. 393 more words


Ending with a whimper...

For many reasons, 2016 was largely agreed to be a pretty crappy year.  Personally, I had two areas of my life in which I could take refuge from the harsh world: the outstanding year of birding I was having, and the anticipation of my first child.  709 more words


The Long, Cold Expanse Ahead

As I sit here, the day before December 1st, the prospect of 4 months of misidentifying gulls stares down at me.

Before that begins, though, it’s worth looking back at what was a pretty nice fall.  813 more words


One Short Day - Chicago

Greetings Viewers!

Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting Chicago for a few days with my Mom. We had a great time, as reflected in this video I put together. 103 more words


63rd Street Beach House, City of Chicago

Chicago has the finest department of parks in the nation in my opinion and as I travel throughout the city, I find gems that are truly remarkable. 122 more words

Ammodramus, Shmammodramus - Late Summer Wrap-up

I really dig Ammodramus sparrows. These smartly dressed birds are the sparrows’ answer to every person who gushes about the bright colors of warblers.  The elegance of these birds is compounded by the fact that they make you work for it.   377 more words