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Didn't I Already pay This Bill?

We’ve got a problem here in Illinois.  It’s unfunded pension funds.  In a nutshell, what happened was that tax money collected that was supposed to be earmarked for the pension funds was diverted to  the minutiae  that politicians often finagle for:  plug budget holes left by corporate tax breaks, funding of special pork projects, ‘expenses’ for legislators for whatever…and this has been going on about 20 years.  442 more words


Chicago City Council Black Caucus Gets New Chairman

Alderman Sawyer of the 6th ward,  is  the New Chairman

of the City Council Black Caucus

Sixth Ward Alderman Roderick Sawyer’s known for his tough talk and standing up for what he thinks is right and good for his ward is no longer a rookie. 308 more words


Signs That The Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG

(Of course, locating the Federal Reserve in Chicago wouldn’t have anything to do with the vast network of corruption already in place there.  Nah! Surely not… 229 more words

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Little Known Black History Fact: Harold Washington


Despite the various contributions made by Black people to the city of Chicago, the Windy City has only had one Black mayor. The late… 480 more words


Aldermanic Runoff Election for 31st and 36 Wards - Millie Santiago and Gilbert Villegas.

I took this images as I was working on the story for WBEZ – Chicago Public Radio.

Images were taken at victory party for Milly Santiago and Gilbert Villegas at the Logan Square Auditorium. 53 more words



It’s official Mayor Rahm Emanuel… Held his own and remain Mayor Of Chicago…

I love the picture  “Blowing of the Shofar” ….Congratulations!