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Señor Chuy Garcia race not just about Chicago #VoteChuyGarcia #fox32debate #IMWITHCHUY

What’s the background on Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago runoff? Why are so many Democrats unhappy with a Democrat? In 2013, I wrote about his cozy relationship with billionaires in the post… 1,233 more words


An Outside The Loop Preview: The 'Lou Manfredini is Well Put Together' Edition

In addition to describing some of the great guests on this Saturday’s Outside the Loop Radio, Mike ‘Broham’ Stephen and Andy ‘The Count’ Hermann discuss their admiration for Lou Manfredini and each other. 59 more words

Nick Digilio

Cutting the Budget to Make up for the Failure to Fund the Pension Plans

Illinois—my state—is a perfect example of  voters not paying attention to what our legislators are doing.  It’s not that we don’t have ‘watchdog groups’, it’s that we have  major  newspapers  which are  edited  and published by  people who seem to be in collusion with  corrupt and inept politicians, and an uneducated populace that  ranks legislation right up ther with insurance: boring. 736 more words


Chicago Mayoral Race Goes Down To The Wire

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel aggressively dissected his re-election challenger’s record and platform on Monday in the first head-to-head televised debate before next month’s runoff election, but Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia came back at the former White House chief of staff with questions about the city’s financial problems and violence. 682 more words

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According to the New York Post, Bill Clinton is convinced that Valerie Jarrett is behind the leak that spawned the Hillary email scandal.

Anybody as politically ovservant as a gnat knows that Barack is not having sexual relations with that woman…Mrs. 226 more words


More reasons for Chicagoans to NOT vote for Rahm ... and to vote FOR Garcia


I have already posted why I’m not voting for Rahm in my previous post, “Why I’m NOT voting for Rahm Emanuel and Why I AM Voting for Jesus Garcia).” This article gives even more reasons to not vote for Rahm and to vote for Jesus Garcia. 274 more words

Chicago Mayoral Election

Will Chicago Elect A New Mayor?

This past Tuesday delivered a shock to TPTB in Chicago: Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has been forced into a runoff.

His opponent is Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia, who, if elected, would become Chicago’s First Latino Mayor. 1,334 more words