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Mary Stuart

“The storytelling parallels, the dramatic tension involved in understanding “right” while secretly lusting after “wrong,” are what brought my thoughts to Black Panther as I exited the theatre after last week’s premiere. 125 more words

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Schiller's Mary Stuart: How a 400 Year Old Story is Still Relevant

I remember the first time I saw an ad for this particular show months ago, and I was immediately excited. My background knowledge on Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I started and ended with the CW’s… 646 more words


February's bright blue surprise

Smack in the middle of this stern winter that brought me frozen pipes and two feet of snow come balmy weather, warm sun and parade worthy bright blue skies. 346 more words

Red Velvet

Chicago Shakespeare Theater presented an excellent production of Red Velvet by Lolita Chakrabarti. The story of the first African American to play Othello on the London state in 1833, the story explores racism. 221 more words


The First Black Actor to Play Othello

Many Doctor Who fans lost their minds when the next iteration of their beloved Time Lord was announced to be a woman. The Doctor, an alien who travels through time, changes his or her appearance whenever an actor’s contract happens to end, but since the show’s debut in 1963, all twelve actors have been male. 813 more words


Brian Noonan Full Show 12/26/17: Q Brothers Christmas Carol, Steve Dale and much more...

Brian Noonan is in for Roe Conn with a fun filled show! The director, creator and star of a ‘Q Brothers Christmas Carol’ stops by to talk about his inspiration behind the show, Tom Skilling tells us how long the cold will be here, Steve Dale tells us how to keep our pets warm in the winter and the Top 5 @ 5! 18 more words

Brian Noonan

Q Brothers Christmas Carol at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater

The director, creator and star of a ‘Q Brothers Christmas Carol’ joins Brian Noonan to talk about his early career, why he decided to put a twist on the original Christmas Carol and the importance of theater as an art form. 27 more words

Brian Noonan