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Recollections 4

Chicago Part 1

The first time I traveled to Chicago I remember spotting the city abruptly rising up from the surface of the earth like a majestic metropolis among white clouds stationary in the sky. 603 more words


The Chicago Bulls will never win another championship

After their 2016–17 loss to the Boston Celtics, the Chicago Bulls organization did what they always do. VP John Paxson and GM Gar Forman refused to take any responsibility for the Bulls mess. 677 more words


chubby cheetah in chicago

….walking  8 miles a day…  Go Chubby, Go Chubby..

WOW…. between walking the DG, walking to the store, walking to DC, and the usual movement… the steps add up… 17,000 per DAY! 360 more words


CTA Shames Rude Passengers With Hilariously True Signs

Ever get on the red line and there is some dude in the back blasting music off his cell and rapping along to it??? Uggh! Not what ANYONE wants to hear. 109 more words



I can’t imagine any company having a target market for African Americans (18-28) in the city of Chicago these days. As a matter of fact, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) should cancel all future marketing promotions. 120 more words

A Century of Progress World's Fair

On May 27, 1933, the Chicago World’s Fair — officially, A Century of Progress International Exposition — opened, following over five years of planning. Registered under the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the fair was held from 1933 to 1934 to celebrate the city of Chicago’s. 4,114 more words

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Orphans of the Storm® Medium-to-Large Dogs

You can find dogs of all shapes and sizes at Orphans of the Storm®, and this week I walked two that fall into the medium/large category. 420 more words

Orphans Of The Storm