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I missed the Party 021

Friends were commenting about how various musical styles suffered from the passing of a musical artist in an unrelated style: Hilarity ensued, until Axl Rose… 215 more words


Quick News Highlights

Chick-Fil-A: Enlightenment or the Bottom Dollar?

Chick-fil-A CEO backs off of his rather stark view of marriage to encompass a more equitable approach of Christian tolerance.  445 more words


A Dangerous New Christian Trinity: Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-a & Duck Dynasty

If I hadn’t read it several times with my own eyes, I would think that Micah 6:8 says:

“He has told you, O man, what is good; 931 more words


Chick-Fil-A Truett's Luau

Imagine how excited the kids and I were to see that we had a brand new restaurant that had just opened in our area this month. 418 more words


What can we do to make our foods safer?

Today, we learned that Chick-Fil-A, in response to Internet criticism, has decided to remove high-fructose corn syrup from its white buns and food dyes from its sauces and dressings (see the full story… 466 more words

Healthy Living

Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea Recipe

There’s something about being able to recreate my favorite restaurant foods at home that gives me a lot of satisfaction. My friend Jess and I are basically addicted to sweet tea. 149 more words

Young Black Woman Goes From Part-Time Job To Franchise Owner Of Chik-Fil-A!

Ashley Derby had the kind of career path that many dream about but never get to walk. When she was 15, she started working at her local… 390 more words