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Valentines Day Part 1: Why You Don't Need To Spend A Fortune

Does anyone else not get what the big deal is with valentines day, or is it just me? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest hopeless romantic EVER! 449 more words

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Movie of the Week: 500 Days of Summer

I’m not gonna do this EVERY week since I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself given that I’m doing Book of the Week & Book vs Film (which won’t be frequent, it’s just if I have both the book & film with me) along with possibly a post on how my life is going/advice, but I thought may as well do this now after having just watched it! 842 more words

Movie Review: Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. – Johnny Castle

So Dirty Dancing is one iconic movie. My mom had weird rules when I was younger about movies I couldn’t watch.

253 more words
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Book Recommendation: ‘The Dress Shop of Dreams’ by Menna Van Praag - Sahar's Blog

Happy Sunday! As you ready yourself for another great week, are you wondering what book to take along with you on your commute? Take a peek at this week’s recommended commute companion! 51 more words

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Kinder, Gentler, Petrifying Brooklyn

This Christmas-release film is not about the New York stock exchange. Nor is it about corrupt priests, revenge, murder, transsexuality, or discrimination. Brooklyn is a chick flick. 662 more words


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Day 22 - Chick Flicks...

Chick flicks get to me they just do. Tonight a girlfriend and I caught up over dinner and went to a local Landmark, Enjoyed the comfy couch, and I even had a foot rest. 123 more words