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If I Stay (2014) Review

We’re back, just as I was beginning to forget what a bad movie actually was, R.J. Cutler bombs the red carpet with “If I Stay”. A movie starring  Chloë Grace Moretz where one thing happens that is worthy of note. 654 more words


Day 102: An Ode to CHK FLK PG

an ode to chk flk pg

by the Long Island Yak

Grow in grace

Grow in love

Grow in everything above

Grow in kindness and compassion… 57 more words

Valentine's Day is Not About You

How did Valentine’s day become “I-need-someone-to-make-much-of-me day”?

The popular idea of love conjures up images of being served and doted on by others. So if you don’t have someone buying you flowers, sending you notes, and telling you you’re awesome on Valentine’s day, it then becomes an excuse to be angry and depressed. 658 more words


More Elisabeth Bennet and Less Anastasia Whatever

I won’t be reading that 50 Shades thing, and don’t argue that I don’t know what I’m talking about then.  I know Chick Lit when I see it. 570 more words

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Chick Flicks

It’s Valentine’s Day! That special day when women make their men watch girly romantic movies, OR for us smarter guys, we freely volunteer to watch one with them. 51 more words


Tears of Entertainment: My Top 5 Tear Jerker Moments in Entertainment

Inspired by Grey’s Anatomy’s #TearsofGreys I decided to make a top Five list of TV Shows or Movies that make me have to break out the tissues even after repeat viewings. 1,370 more words

A Walk To Remember

25 of the most memorable quotes from Mean Girls

I recently watched Mean Girls with my house mates the other night – and yes! A male housemate chose to put Mean Girls on. After not seeing it for a number of months my love for this bitchy chick-flick has been relighted. 289 more words

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