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How to be a Chick Magnet! Things that make any Guy Irresistibly Attractive

Ever thought of transforming yourself from being that guy who looks good around ladies to that guy who is a chick magnet. The reason you need to change into a chick magnet is that being a chick magnet is sweet, being the chick magnet has absolutely nothing to do with being the best looking guy in the room. 316 more words


With Great Chick Magnetism Comes Great Responsibility In The Darkness’ New Single “All The Pretty Girls”

British quartet, The Darkness, paints the struggles of handling their rockstar sex appeal in their fresh single “All The Pretty Girls” where their award-winning and platinum-selling status draws the attention of gazillion women (and their mothers). 428 more words


A Man of Mystery

What, exactly, is a man of mystery?

I’ve heard that, for many women, a man with an air of mystery is quite alluring. They find him fascinating. 451 more words


Time to Rhyme? Poetry - the ultimate chick magnet?

April is actually the coolest, not the cruelest, month- it’s National Poetry Month


The hot topic around the Sunday buffet was how perfectly seductive it is to hear a man recite a poem. 289 more words

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