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The Eyes Have It; The Cosmic Cosmetics of Trek

Jeepers Creepers! Apparently, Cover Girl and Maybelline still sell in the  23rd century!  You gotta give make up director Fred Phillips credit for creating truly cosmic eye make-up for the ladies (and many men) of TOS.  585 more words

Star Trek

The first step to getting back on the bike!

I have had so many ask me what surgery I had.  People with NO business asking, some were kind, some were curious, some just were nosy.  318 more words


Stupid Girl Stuff

Lately I have been a little bitter towards the fact that my SO and I have yet to get engaged. I have never been the marriage hungry type, and I am not mad at my SO for it. 391 more words


Victory for the Queens of Fail

Did anyone else see this???

I’m guessing a lot of people did. If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, you realize just how epic it is. 327 more words

Chick Stuff

These things I know

If I’ve learned anything in my long life, it’s this collection of hints or life lessons. And believe me, many of them have been learned the hard way. 261 more words