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Great Horned Owl Fledgling

I checked in on these Great Horned owl fledglings last week at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon. I do every year.

In fact, it occurred to me that I might have photographed at least one of the parents when they were babies, too, though it looks like their typical lifespan is thirteen years so maybe not. 429 more words


Bad Manners Uncle!!!

Can you think of 5 bad manners that are basic and easily avoidable? How about:

  1. Picking nose
  2. Yawning without a hand on your mouth
  3. Sneezing without covering your mouth…
  4. 236 more words

Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

Clucks Like A Duck

Mama duck,
And three little ducks –
And a chick?


Keeping An Edge

The beauties,
Each preoccupied
With themselves.

——————– 95 more words


Supper Time!

The first few years I had a bluebird box in the yard it remained empty.  Then, just as I was thinking of taking it down, a pair of Eastern Bluebirds nested in it.   48 more words


What to do when you find a baby bird "in need"

Now is the time of year when there are baby birds in our backyards, in the park, everywhere. It’s also the time when we see the most birds out of a nest and looking helpless. 188 more words


Dairy and eggs, what's wrong with them?

As I was young, I became a vegetarian because I loved animals and didn’t want to make them suffer. For 7 years I didn’t know about the horrors in the dairy & egg industry. 562 more words