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Ecstatic Love

 What loved has inspired…

One by one cell by cell

Warm, warmer, hot ….wet


Tingling, vibrating

faster, stronger

I can’t even tell where I end and you begin… 220 more words


DIY Natural deodorant

Besides the fact that this sort of alternative is trending, you hear about making your own deodorant everywhere and the reasons have more to do with health than just being trendy. 666 more words


Are Late Chicks Doomed?

I must confess that I had mixed feelings to learn this week from Nelson that the North Nokomis pair had hatched two chicks. Despite having seen scores of newly hatched chicks, I still enjoy watching the tiny fuzzballs bob up and down next to their huge parents while the adults, in turn, move gingerly around their tiny young to avoid injuring or drowning them. 383 more words

{No. 317} Day 35: Number Three has left the nest.

This is Number Three. The last of all the baby chicks. Mama bird had laid four eggs. I am wondering what has happened to the last egg. 106 more words


Animal shenanigans: Rainy days

We spotted this chubby-looking hen one rainy day along the trail. But she’s holding a fluffy surprise under those warm feathers.

Sometimes being mom is a thankless job. 72 more words


Still Feeling the Bite of Black Flies

A few months ago I wrote a post about the impact of black flies on nesting of loons. Some might recall that, after abandoning their first nesting attempt, pairs sometimes reuse the nest, leaving the two original eggs in place. 453 more words

{No. 316} Day 33: Hello World

It is pretty close to the end of the whole American Robin series. Picture shown here is baby chick number two. I saw him standing there early this morning. 88 more words