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The Chick

Hi! Remember when I posted about my different types of work outfits? Well today I wore one type: The Chick!

I also decided to look a bit different than usual so I changed something from my everyday look. 48 more words


Back On The Farm

Do I live on a farm? I don’t know. I usually tell quarantine officers I do, anyway. But I don’t live on a farm in the context of a commercial producer that forms my family’s main source of income. 422 more words

New arrivals

You wouldn’t have thought February was a popular time to start hatching, but over the weekend we’ve been fortunate enough to have 70 new chicks hatch and all are growing fast. 61 more words

Review: Shopaholic to the Rescue - Sophie Kinsella

Bantam Press 2015
313 pages

‘Is Tarquin in danger?
Why has Becky’s dad disappeared?
And what is Alicia really up to?
All these mysteries will be revealed in Becky’s adventure to Las Vegas!’ 527 more words


Happy housemates

The mild weather this year has encouraged our aviary birds to lay early, and here we have a recently fledged diamond dove making friends with a few 4 week old quail. 20 more words

How The Internet Works

We are reminded time and time again as bloggers that we need to write about the things that the people of the internet want to see.  413 more words