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Great crested grebe and chick

Great crested grebe chick and coot

Great crested grebe


Looking down

Looking for parent

And the other way

The great crested grebe and chick in the moats surrounding Fredrikstad’s old fortified town.


Part 1: Choosing Chickens

Should I start with chicks or adults?

There are different benefits for both.  Starting with chicks you get to see them grow.  If you have kids, they get to see the chicks grow up.   1,384 more words

How to land that job! 

Personally, I’ve had many many many..jobs . So many I forgot half of them .most of them I worked for less than a few months. Although,some may say that’s “unprofessional ” . 392 more words


Turkey Tuesdays: Gobbles' adventure

It didn’t take long for Gobbles to get bored of her box and start shouting.  We found that she would sit in the corner and get comfortable, then be unwilling to move to get food or drink.   312 more words

Number 28

Saturday, July 23, 2016

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You are invited to submit alternative Bonus Image titles in the comment section below. 32 more words


Home Alone on O'Day

Why would a breeding pair of loons — which has made an enormous investment in defending a territory, finding a nest site, incubating their eggs for almost a month, and then rearing their chicks — leave them alone? 662 more words