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Well, I’m several varieties of flaky (like my pies, but not as good). For some reason, I thought I was doing the drawing for the giveaway this week, but, no! 57 more words

Loren's Badass Chick of the Week: Jen Welter

This week’s Badass Chick is Jen Welter, the first female to be a part of the NFL coaching staff.

The Boston College grad has her masters in sports psychology and her doctorate in psychology. 189 more words


A Mother, a Son and Ten Years

“Wow”, Lainey said, “that band number is right next to the female we caught last night on Sherry”. She was right; the adult male from Skunk, which we had just netted and whose band number I was reading aloud to Lainey for data entry during banding, had a number imprinted on his aluminum USGS band that followed immediately after that of the Sherry female from the previous night. 679 more words

The Sweetest Thing

Hey Sweetness!

Imagine this, a sweet little girl walks into a room full of 60 pairs of eyes. This girl occasionally smiles at few of them and and continues walking.

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Being Yourself

Double Trouble on Alva: Male and Female Both Entangled in Fishing Line

It is human to overgeneralize based on the chance co-occurrence of rare events.  As a scientist, I know this. I spend a good deal of my research time sorting through quantitative patterns in data, fending off the tendency to infer a meaningful biological pattern where only chance trends are present. 684 more words

A Young Male Seeks to Improve His Lot; An Abusive Stepfather

We are riveted on the happenings on Flannery/Velvet Lakes. On these two lakes –united through a narrow channel so as to be a single waterbody — a tense scene is playing out with elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. 390 more words

Animals | Ducklings

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

Black-bellied whistling duck chicks. Photo taken at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. 8 more words