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April 15 Hatching

The incubator had a meltdown and conked out just before hatching time. We managed to hatch 2 and had to help a third one out of the shell…. 33 more words


Chick in Chicago

Hi Babes! Thanks for viewing my blog, the insights were so much more than I expected which makes me super duper happy!

So if you follow me on… 666 more words

Happy Easter Eggs

Happy Easter eggs! Hope you have all had a lovely Easter- the title is from Boo wishing her uncle and cousin a happy Easter!

Monkey and Boo received the usual chocolate Easter eggs from family and we received a couple of Easter cards which were always a favourite item to receive when I was a child handwritten from my Nana and I still have many from my childhood, she now sends a card to the children and sadly I don’t think it’s appreciated as much by them as they both prefer chocolate – but I still love this little tradition. 136 more words


Giant Flowers

Why pay $20 for those giant wallflowers at the store when with a cardboard circle and some construction paper you can make these amazing flowers?

What I'm Doing

Roda's Critter Connection

Happy Monday from Flo!

She wants you to have some attitude and strut your stuff today!

Grab your camera and share your favorite critter!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Critter Photography

He Is Not Here...

Happy Easter!

It’s spring, finally we have a glimpse of some spring time weather and it has arrived on the perfect day. I’m hoping it’s not an April Fool’s Day trick, and it has indeed turned good and it’s going to stay this way. 182 more words