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Veggies in Chicken Sauce

A simple but filling lunch which is ready in a hurry.

Slice a chicken breast into 3 mm thick slices. Marinate it in a garlic+chilly paste with a little salt. 171 more words

Chicken cutlets 

Chicken cutlets are definitely one of kids favorite dish. My nonna/grandmother used to make it for me and my brothers all the time. It was one of our favorite, of course who doesn’t like fried! 360 more words


One Pan Creamy Chicken Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

How can something so simple, be so delicious?

The inspiration for this dish came from something I read once, a dish called Marry Me Chicken, which was supposed to be so delicious, that a person could make it for their significant other, and the latter would propose after the meal. 359 more words


Chicken Monday (on Monday!) 1/9/17

As promised, I gave myself a night off last night and we had take-out Chinese food (moo shu pork and Mongolian beef, Yum!) Now back to cooking. 147 more words


Cheese smothered chicken 

Dinner tonight! So I was good all day today…lemon tumeric tea-old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast. Med orange for my morning snack. Small salad with veggies only and an apple and I drank water. 85 more words

Marrakech Chicken Skewers with Fennel Date Relish

This cookbook always goes for the over-the-top and elaborate presentation. I never fall for it. Its family dinner.  This cookbook is from one of San Diego’s (La Jolla) most famous restaurants – The Marine Room… 65 more words

Straighter and narrower - 12/28/16

Dinner tonight was back on track! John sous vide a boneless skinless chicken breast using his new container and vacuum sealer. I made broccoli (again!) and rutabagas using my new ceramic knives. 82 more words