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Moving around in Guatemala; chicken bus!

Public transport ia always the best option, because there is where you can see the reality and live like a local. In Guatemala the buses that are used to move are those known as “Chicken buses.” They are very colorful, in not so good condition but very, very cheap. 201 more words


Guatemala is a thing - Antigua

Across the country

For the first time on this trip I’m a bit pressed for time – I couldn’t stay longer in Flores and had to cross the whole country asap to get to Antigua yesterday. 735 more words


Central American Bus Travel

Having recently returned from backpacking in Central America having solely used buses as transport I thought I would share my experiences.  There are 3 main types of bus Minivans, Long-distance buses and Chicken buses. 632 more words


Guatemala: A Tribute

In total we spent nearly 2 months in Guatemala and we had a bit of a tempestuous love affair with the country – there were things we absolutely adored about the place and things which made us ready to leave! 1,633 more words


Masaya, Apoyo, Mombacho

Chapter 1 – Masaya

The chicken bus is waiting.

Conductor: Masaya-Masaya- Masaya!

They jog down Granada’s market street to where the battered yellow American ex-school bus is parked, and hop on. 2,071 more words


Tips on how to travel through Central America by bus

                                                                                                                                                       Img source.

When I first decided to catch buses down to Central America I have to admit I did little to no research. Once you’re a wanderer you just come to realise that until you’re in the country, you won’t really know how to travel by buses. 409 more words


Crooked tree

The bus stop

Errr- there’s a wingtip on the right an ibis I believe.


A bird – bright red but you wouldn’t know…

My night was impaired by a snotty nose and woke up with one eye, left, fused shut courtesy of gammy eyelid. 870 more words