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San Salvador, El Salvador: Day 2

If the bed is a rockin don’t come a knockin!!! The bunk bed I stayed in at La Zona Hostel last night is actually what needed some screwing so get your heads out of the gutter folks. 458 more words

Central America

Somoto Canyon: Tranquillo Adventura

In the far north of Nicuragua, 30 minutes from the border with Honduras is a little known spot offering stunning scenery and feelings of blissful serenity. 989 more words



Last year my New Year’s resolution was to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Situations which required me to face my fears, to be brave, to be bold, to see what I was made of. 671 more words

Adventure Is Waiting

Belize (Feb 2017)

After making my plans to visit Mexico I had quite a few days unaccounted for. I decided to go on an organised trip with Intrepid as they offer the true local experience. 932 more words

South America

Diary of a Latin American Travel Day

Eventually the countdown reached zero and it was time to make our move south. Thanks to the reasonable yet still occasionally irritating rules that limit non-visa visitors to a mere 90 days in Guatemala we had, as you know, been cooling our heels in southern Mexico just waiting for our moment. 1,325 more words

Travel Blog

The Chicken Bus Experience

A chicken bus is an old retired US School bus used in Central America for public transportation.  It is often painted with many vibrant colors and religious emblems. 683 more words


Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Our trip from Colombia to Ecuador, despite being pretty well planned, was the bastard child of the devil himself. I don’t blame James for counting down the amount of buses he has to catch before he will be travelling around Oceania purely by plane; although I don’t mind assuming the vegetative-zombie state that you can’t help but adopt when you’re ‘bussing it’ as much as he does. 610 more words