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15 Enero 2016

Call me a stupid tourist but (when I get a seat) I think the chicken buses are just so much more fun to ride than the regular ones. 13 more words


A Chicken Bus Adventure from Antigua to Lake Atitlan

10 days after I arrived in Antigua I finally tore myself away to the next Guatemala destination on my list: Lake Atitlan. I had already begun to talk to people about staying longer in Antigua but felt like I needed some time away to wrap my head around this decision to stop moving. 759 more words


My accounts of the craziest, most complicated, classic Guatemalan adventure via Chicken bus

Although the three and a half hour ride from San Pedro to Sumpango was at points unbearable, it wasn’t until my attempted return at the end of the day that I truly got put through the wringer. 1,304 more words


Live like the locals do: A guide to transportation in Guatemala

If you want to experience a culture for what it truly is you have to live like the locals do, eat what the locals eat, and use the transportation that the locals use. 529 more words


Focus on the Journey

After a couple of weeks studying and sightseeing in the heat and humidity of Granada and Leon we were in need of sea breezes and some hammock time. 1,394 more words


Coffee, the traveller's treat: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Colombia

Having made it from one end of Central America to the other, we are, by now, fairly used to travelling by bus.  In Mexico we started slowly, opting for plush coaches to tackle day-long journeys. 992 more words


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Relax and unwind

<<Backtracking to Guatemala, Oct. 2015>>

After an amazing 2 weeks of Spanish immersion in Xela (Quetzaltenango) Guatemala, I made my way to Lake Atitlan.

3 hours from Xela on a bus on a chicken bus* through VERY winding roads up and down the mountains was quite the ride of a life. 708 more words