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Two days in Quetzaltenango (Xela)

After arriving via multiple forms of transport from the Mexican border (check out my post on that here) we had reached Quetzaltenango (also known as Xela in the Mayan language and which I will use from here on as it’s easier to type). 848 more words


Travel from Oaxaca to Quetzaltenango

So we boarded our first class bus in Oaxaca and settled in for a long overnight trip hopefully with some sleep involved. After watching an episode of a TV programme we had with us we then decided to sleep as it was about 10:30pm. 1,746 more words


She goes where the wind suggests

Less than 24 hours into my adventure my “plans” did a 180.

As some of you know, I was supposed to work in Mazate for a month in trade for food and housing before venturing off to explore other areas of Central America, but it didn’t last. 538 more words


The Guatemalan groove

As I step out my front door in the morning ready to rush off to work my street is strategically lined and evenly placed military, huge machine guns slung over their shoulders. 574 more words


A Week of Sunday's

Hotel ledgers are so intrusive, they commonly ask for your occupation. On holiday you are obviously fully occupied by leisure, so that’s what I write. Although this week has had more fun surprises than a month of Sunday’s its left me hankering for some serious leisure. 1,616 more words

Backpacking With Baby

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica

It certainly wasn’t the warmest welcome to Costa Rica for me. After a dream run from Ometepe on the bus, ferry and other bus through to the border, and a quick exit from Nicaragua, I was suddenly hit a massive line on the Costa Rican side followed by an hour delay for the next bus to San Jose… and then to top it all off, the theft of my laptop and camera. 1,042 more words

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