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Playlist for Chicken bus travelling

On the theme of chicken buses. If you love music as much as I do, then a good playlist is all you need to get you through a long day of travelling.   57 more words


Two days in San Salvador

The capital of El Salvador was big, loud, dirty and frustrating! It wasn’t all bad, but it certainly doesn’t go on our “must-see” list of places in El Salvador (although it’s a necessary transit point for many other towns in the country). 1,122 more words

El Salvador

Central America and the Art of Chicken Buses

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me I “should” take a chicken bus here, there or anywhere.  Firstly, ‘should’ needs to be removed from our vocabulary. 2,215 more words


El Salvadorean food festival fail, falls and fun!

(Days 59 to 62) After our long day of travel from Guatemala we were happy to arrive into the small town of Juayua, along the famous Ruta de las Flores (flower road) in the western highlands of El Salvador. 1,174 more words

El Salvador

A day of chicken buses! Xela, Guatemala to Juayua, El Salvador

(Day 59) This was a long  day of riding buses and crossing borders! We had ummed and ahhed over whether to take a shuttle from Guatemala to El Salvador, or try the local chicken buses. 1,305 more words


It’s a two legged problem

Another visa renewal tomorrow, it’s an eight-hour trip with three stops on three separate “chicken buses” as they’re called in Guatemala. Unlike the name, there really are no animals on these, my Mexican doggie was never on one, not yet at least, hope she never does, they pull the animal to the roof by the paw and put it in a box. 492 more words