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Description From Photographer if Any:

El medio de transporte mas común en Guatemala. 9 more words


Guatemala #Chickenbus More Dangerous Than Ever

Armed robberies of “chicken buses” have increased dramatically in recent months throughout Guatemala. They have been robbed on the routes between Guatemala City and Antigua, Lake Atitlan and the both coastal highways. 87 more words


Travelling back to Oaxaca from Guatemala

Just before midday we set off from our guesthouse in Xela with a leisurely morning behind us and heaps of time to get to the border (or so we thought). 1,050 more words


Mucho Gusto

His key was visibly new, with a shiny exterior and sharp chrome teeth. It read “YALE.” Charles slid it in the slot easily but couldn’t turn it, no matter how hard he wished it was only being fussy. 2,227 more words

Short Story

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was founded as the Spanish colonial capital March 10, 1543.  As the epicenter of power in Central America, Spain invested in the city’s architecture despite the ominous signs of earthquakes.   626 more words


Two days in Quetzaltenango (Xela)

After arriving via multiple forms of transport from the Mexican border (check out my post on that here) we had reached Quetzaltenango (also known as Xela in the Mayan language and which I will use from here on as it’s easier to type). 778 more words


Travel from Oaxaca to Quetzaltenango

So we boarded our first class bus in Oaxaca and settled in for a long overnight trip hopefully with some sleep involved. After watching an episode of a TV programme we had with us we then decided to sleep as it was about 10:30pm. 1,743 more words