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A day of chicken buses! Xela, Guatemala to Juayua, El Salvador

(Day 59) This was a long  day of riding buses and crossing borders! We had ummed and ahhed over whether to take a shuttle from Guatemala to El Salvador, or try the local chicken buses. 1,305 more words


It’s a two legged problem

Another visa renewal tomorrow, it’s an eight-hour trip with three stops on three separate “chicken buses” as they’re called in Guatemala. Unlike the name, there really are no animals on these, my Mexican doggie was never on one, not yet at least, hope she never does, they pull the animal to the roof by the paw and put it in a box. 492 more words

Xela - hiking and hot springs

(Day 54) My birthday started off with Clinton making coffee then presenting me with several birthday cards from home. A lovely way to start the day before a fairly boring travel day ahead! 1,579 more words


Don't Try This At Home - Dying For Fresh Air on the Chicken Bus

There is a good reason why a chicken bus is called a chicken bus in Guatemala.

Because said buses carry chickens and any other live or dead animals people can carry with them onto the bus. 333 more words


The chicken bus to Chichicastenango

It seems that public buses (as opposed to tourist shuttles) in Central America are known by the derisory term of “chicken buses”, presumably because, like indeed most continents in the world (I’m thinking of Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Asia), you can carry chickens on them (cue Western scoffing, from the more civilised people who prefer factory-farmed shrink-wrapped fowl in their fridges). 791 more words


Our Trip to Comayagua

Hola Family and Friends,

We have a lot to share with you about our trip to Comayagua with the 4 students from the senior class. 914 more words

Playa Maderas

Traveling in Nicaragua is great – it doesn’t cost any money and requires virtually no planning, thanks to a Central American invention called the Chicken Bus. 994 more words