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Adding Electricity

Despite the sweltering heat and humidity bathing our first day of autumn, freezing temperatures are not too far off, so work has begun to add electricity to the chicken coop. 108 more words


It's Curious

For as much of my life as is now committed to caring for our property and animals, I find it curious that I can still have a series of days with very little contact to them. 151 more words


Getting Things Done

This is a funny title for a stormy patch. The last few days, we’ve had rain, hail and howling winds and some of us may have gotten a little stir-crazy, but we got some stuff done! 871 more words


Farm Chores

This past week has been a busy one at home. We are preparing for fall and winter, which means getting the animal shelters up the task, building and repairing. 590 more words


Chicken Coop Cleaning Mod!

So I mentioned in my Chicken Coop Cube post that I was planning to modify the coop to make it easier to clean, DIY style. The issue is that the only access to the 4×4 foot chicken cube was through the small front door, or through the nesting box access door. 233 more words

Small Scale Homestead

Our backyard chickens

When the kids flew the coop the house went quiet.  We went through the list of what we could do to bring ‘noise’ back into the house.   277 more words


Chicken Coop Cube

We wanted to have chickens, but of course you need a coop for them to live in before you bring them home. I had never built a coop, but we didn’t want to buy a prebuilt one because they were all over $300. 661 more words

Homestead Chickens