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The Chicks Are Growing

The chicks are happily hanging out in the coop with the other birds and eating and drinking well. We debated separating them from the rest of the crew, but because so many hens are broody at the moment just thought we would leave them. 225 more words


Chickens! {part III}

So, we were FINALLY getting to the point where we could start putting things back together!  SO EXCITING!

We were able to borrow an aluminum break from a neighbor so Tom and Pop could bend all the trim around the new windows and the door.   1,634 more words

Chickens! {part II}

So did I mention that this chicken coop project was waaay more involved than I was planning for it to be?  This is a common pattern in our marriage: 953 more words

The new coop has arrived!

 Feeling slightly intimidated by the thought of building the new chicken coop and run that arrived today!  Thankfully the instructions appear to be very detailed with lots of pictures! 16 more words

Chickens! {part I}

Okay, so maybe planting plants in pots wasn’t super exciting.  To make up for yesterday’s boring post, here is one chock-full of action:  The Great Chicken Coop Adventure! 1,257 more words

Raising Chickens: Step Two

So I’ve delayed posting this article because I took a hard hit this week. And by hard, I mean that I lost my chicken flock to predators. 753 more words


My Garage Coop

This weekend I’ve been building the new coop for my chickens.  A lot of the wood was salvaged from my basement and garage, a local business that gives away pallet wood.  430 more words