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Coop #2

This is a post that I had been preparing since the fall…Due to my absence in my writing I had not quite had a chance to finish it. 649 more words

Backyard Chickens

Chicken Crazy!

Due to a nasty ol’fox I went from having 18 chickens and 3 guineas down to 6 chickens and 1 guinea! Here are the 7 that I have left. 533 more words

Snowy Doors ...

Well, I guess it is February, after all.  But I can help but feel this is a little bit of Karma.  We’ve had such a mild winter up till now!   247 more words

Nova Scotia

**2017 Goals**

Every year I make a big list of things I would like to get done. Thur out the year things always get added. But this list makes everything and anything seem possible. 197 more words

Homesteading is not as sexy as it sounds

Maybe you have a fantasy about homesteading someday, and you have a vision of yourself wearing flannel and Carharts harvesting mountains of winter squash for your root cellar, and hosting apple cider pressing parties with your neighbors. 600 more words

Chicken Coop for the soul!

Through out the years I have had chickens! A few years ago I sold all my chickens when we bought the new house. I didn’t have the proper housing for them, so I decided I needed to focus on my family first. 466 more words

Weekend Warriors Discussion

With a weekend off comes great responsability.  Today is coop day and I will be changing out shavings and nesting box straw.  My hens really enjoy this because after putting the fresh shavings into the coop I scatter a few handfulls of scratch in the used shavings and in the coop.   72 more words