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chicken coop funnies...(open to see video)

My 13 laying hens are a noisy bunch in the mornings. Our coop comes equipped with five nesting boxes. However, only four of them get used and one sits empty. 120 more words


❤️Summer Nights❤️

So we went by Lowes today…my first mistake… I am a complete sucker for sickly discounted flowers. I love nursing them back to life, it’s such a beautiful hobby and rewarding. 332 more words

Turkey update

Please enjoy the video of Queenie and her tiny babies.


The Interloper

There is never a dull moment at the Wayfarer!

A couple of weeks back,  a ruckus started in the chicken coop.  The chickens chased “Tootsie” all over the run and attacked her something awful. 157 more words


Crime scene on the farm

A sad scene this morning when I went to let the chickens out. One of our biggest fears and it finally happened. Night predators. As I came to the pink coop with the 4 young “black babies,” as we call them, something was off. 207 more words


The past few weeks have been a busy few weeks on the farm. The time came to move the chicks to a coop in the pasture. 76 more words

New Home for Baby Chicks

Did you know I now have two operating chicken coops? Oh yeah, I went there. My new chicks are five weeks old and huge! Their brooder stunk like chicken poop and must from the constantly spilled water. 574 more words