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Purina Chicken Feeder

Made a new leg for my Purina Chicken Feeder.  I used a steel electric post, a vise and some heat.  One of the many things I learned how to do on the farm from Dad and Grandpa.   31 more words


Chicken Apartments

A few people have asked how the chicken transition is going, so I thought I’d give you all a brief update.

You’ll remember from the last post that the introduction of my chickens to the winter quarters in the pig barn did not go very well. 365 more words


The Great Chicken Roundup

I was just reading a blog by my niece, Laura, in the States (talesfrommorchinland) about her troubles with chickens.

Way back when, in the Dim Time, my sister, her mother, also had enough of Chicken-madness, and wanted to corral those dirty, clucking birds once and for all. 636 more words


Random Colors in Nature's Eggs

When I opened this cartoon of eggs given to us by friends the other night fresh from their chicken coop, I was amazed by the soft rich color combination that  burst forth.  352 more words


The Memory of that First Illicit Love (Contd.)

Silverbeck Academy moved around a few times before it found a permanent home. One of its earlier locations was a few blocks from Gikambura’s commercial center next to the proprietor’s house. 702 more words

The Memory Of That First Illicit Love - A Memoir

Coop Winterized

With cold wet weather setting in I decided it was time I winterized the chicken coop.  The ladies enjoy a wonderfully airy window in the Summer, 94 more words

Mucking Moms

Finishing touches

It has taken me a while, some near professional level procrastination. But I fixed the roof line of the chicken house.



Initially I was going to use a jig saw and cut a fancy pattern into some wood to cover the roof supports. 164 more words