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Meet Hewie, Dewie & Lewie, our new Silver Sebrights!

It’s been a busy week! Dad is in town, and next week I start a new job, so several projects needed to be completed, one of which is the chicken coop. 411 more words


The Family Farm and the Big Old Red Barn

I have always loved the country. Some of my earliest memories are riding around with my grandpa in his old, white, two door Dodge pickup. To me, he was known simply as Papa, but to everyone else he was Fred or Porky. 596 more words

Chicken Coop

Coop Renovation

My body is broken and I’m ready for bed. But this weekend was wholly productive and I’m thrilled about it. Yesterday I got the cool season veg all planted and today we got the chicken coop addition installed. 231 more words


Is it a listed Temple or is it a chicken coup?

The Temple in the grounds of Mount Clare, Minstead Gardens, was discussed at the Wandsworth (Conservation Area) Advisory Committee on 6 November 2017 and there was a reference to installing fencing around the Temple in the grounds of Roehampton University. 207 more words

She Survives

Much to our surprise, our Buff Orpington appears to be functioning normally after enduring a dangerous encounter which drew blood on Saturday in a fracas with our Belgian Tervuren Shepherd, Delilah. 345 more words


Building a Chicken Coop, Part 4: Stucco and Painting

In our last post, we told you how we enclosed our chicken coop by adding walls, a roof, windows, a screened-in covered area, and a cupola. 521 more words


Winner Winner Chicken Coop

Just after new year I received some very exciting news from Bed-Down Premium Poultry Bedding – I had won first prize in their Facebook competition!! 382 more words