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Benefits of Keeping Chickens

In an economy that is in an alarming unrest for the longest time, it is very important to know how you can start relying on yourself. 497 more words

The Chicken Coop Checklist

Here is a guest article from Jack Smith from Gardenaholic.com!


Sustainability is something that’s close to my heart, so when I started looking into keeping chickens I was shocked at how confusing it seemed. 63 more words

Gardening Information

Removing staples

Yesterday morning, while removing staples, I had an epiphany.  We are breaking down some old rabbit pens to repurpose into a new chicken coop. I suddenly began thinking about how our current life can be explained, loosely, by the process. 788 more words


in the meantime....

Isn’t the news depressing?  It makes me long for Jesus and Home.  I know the end of my story and it’s worth living in this wretched world for…..as a person who determines to look for beauty, it hurts to write “wretched” but what other word is there when you hear of all the terrible things happening in our country and around the world? 1,083 more words

A Simply Lovely Life

Chick Coop Upgrade

Upgraded coop and added pen for 32 Baby Chicks.  10 Americana, 10 Plymouth Bar Rock, 10 Buff Orpington and 2 Americana Males


Chicken Coop

We are big fans of farm fresh eggs. Big enough that my mom and I have been tempted to get our own chickens. With multiple neighbors who sell eggs from their own hens, however, like 8 year old Daisy down the lane, our temptation is subdued. 173 more words

On The Hill

Well now what will do.

It is fall and things have changed. Eggs are now way up do to avian flu. We now have ducks and duck babies. But chickens are now locked up because they killed and ate 4 of them. 468 more words