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Run & Garden #FarmlifeFriday

Does it feel like fall to you yet? I’m seriously trying to will it to be fall. It’s been raining enough to make it seem like fall but it’s still muggy and low 80s so it’s still shorts weather. 417 more words

Cordwood Construction at Forestdale Farm

When we were at Forestdale Farm on our field trip, we built cordwood walls for the newly constructed chicken coop. This method is very inexpensive and only required Aspen logs that were cut into pieces 8 inches long, clay located on the ground right below our feet, mixed with pine needles and water. 315 more words

Growing Community Class

Coop Foundation

Just in case we someday get chickens, I have continued to chip away at a snails pace to design and construct a homemade coop out of mostly found materials. 263 more words


Cooped up part deux 

Well, had to make some changes to the design because having the door on one side just wasn’t going to be stable enough. The roof kept pushing the walls outward. 287 more words



Much of this weeks shopping list was unplanned materials to reinforce the coop floor. It was not very sturdy and would not hold me when I was standing on it. 2,428 more words


The Chicken Coop

We’ve been pretty distracted lately from working on the house, but that’s what happens when you have multiple ongoing projects! We are currently working on our powder room, which needs a vanity light, mirror and closet, but have been preoccupied with finishing a chicken coop! 206 more words



This weekends project was to get the floor in the coop. I had planned to get these materials for the weekend:

The third weekend materials list: 3,964 more words