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Chicken Feed

The day before our neighbors left to visit relatives in Seattle this week they asked if we’d look after their chickens. A big snowstorm was moving in and they needed to ensure the little gals wouldn’t freeze while they were away. 200 more words


Chicken Coop

After the tornado on May 9, 2016, we had no place to put our chickens and ducks. I was determined to utilize as much extra material from our new construction. 132 more words

Chicken Coop

Coop modifications (again, sigh)

It was this time last year that we began considering how to build the long anticipated coop.  While I had clippings and pins galore, actually deciding on specifics while maintaining some semblance of a budget, proved more difficult for me than I envisioned.  3,075 more words


Song & Dance

ndege wathie ũtũme marũa,

wĩre baba ũke naihenya,

unibomu yakwa nĩ  thiru,

ĩthireire haha mũkũnyũ,

kamũcũrũge! Kanyita ngũkũ! gaikia mũkũnyũ! ĩtikaganu!

Gĩkũyũ Children’s Play Song… 1,028 more words

The Memory Of That First Illicit Love - A Memoir

Coop Features

I based the specific footprint dimensions of our chicken coop on the size of the crates that I acquired from the day-job. We built the roost on one side and nest boxes on the other. 386 more words


We Got a  Chicken Coop! (& The Poopy Reality of a Used Coop)

So after a while of fall setting in, and not having much outside to do besides worry about the new grass seed and our poor well surviving a drought, my husband resigned himself to the undertaking of getting me a home for some chickens. 498 more words

Part 2

Coop's Up

My carpentry lesson is coming to its conclusion. Yesterday we finished the corner trim and some inside details, bringing us very close to the end of construction. 71 more words