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The Chickens

We’ve finally completed the chicken coop, got 5 hens, one young rooster and have learned so much – I never imagined how many different types of chickens there are! 290 more words


Taking Shape

We are getting close. This weekend we got wallboard nailed on the frame of the chicken coop. That closed it up except for the people-door (because we ran out of pieces long enough to use for that opening). 276 more words


Internal Detailing

When choosing to make it up as you go along, assembly projects can gobble up a lot of time. I had visions of putting up the walls on the new chicken coop yesterday, but never quite got that far. 407 more words


Coop Cleaning...

Last week we finally got a nice enough day to clean out the chicken coop. This means we rake, shovel, and scrape out all the old hay, shavings, dirt, and whatever else is in there. 189 more words

Every Day

Fighting Wind

Of all the days to try to put on the roof panels, the strong gusting winds we experienced yesterday made it much more challenging than desired. 120 more words



This weekends we wanted to stabilize the coop with some additional vertical support. I had on my shopping list four treated 4 x 4 x 10 and actually purchased that many. 1,917 more words


Decisions Aplenty

By the end of the weekend last night I was mentally exhausted. The chicken coop project was an exercise in repeating waves of cascading decisions. It was giving me a headache. 232 more words