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Biking and Chickens?: Tour de Coop

Sierra Gleason On September 9th I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Tour de Coop, an event put on by Flagstaff Foodlink. It involved an entire day of biking around Flagstaff, enjoying both the scenery and local chicken coops. 317 more words


Colder Weather and My Chickens

The temps are starting to get into the 40’s at night, which may not appear to be so cold to a reader from Maine, but it’s pretty chilly to Texans and Texas chickens! 258 more words

When Predators Attack

We lost two chickens today.

I heard a ruckus that I thought initially was an “egg song” but as I listened, I could tell it was more than one bird and it sounded distinctly distressed. 654 more words


RIP Chickens

Up and about early this morning, put on some coffee and went about my usual routine checking on the chickens, and made a grisly discovery something had got in the chicken coop an killed the chickens didn’t eat them just killed them :-(

Every Day Stuff

Chicken Coop- Litter Method

There are enough ideas and ways of having a clean chicken coop on Pinterest to fill an encyclopedia. And I have tried so many of them. 368 more words

How to Deal with Winter and Your Laying Flock

Winter in the northern part of the country can be quite cold. Your laying flock may need a little help from you to thrive during the deepest, coldest winter months. 554 more words


Adopting ex-battery chickens (or re-homing hens!)

Today we made a start on re-stocking our little smallholding with that most versatile of creatures, the chicken. Or rather, four chickens (despite the ardent lobbying of the toddler son who for some reason had the figure of twenty stuck firmly in his head). 425 more words