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New Addition: Check Out His Hair!!

We had previously decided we didn’t want to have a rooster, but a few became available from a friend of ours and this guy was too cute to pass up. 41 more words


Chicken Coop

After nearly a year unfinished we got some chicken wire and finished off the chicken coop

All we need now is some chickens :-)

Read the full chicken coop build here

Every Day Stuff

twiddling my thumbs

Yesterday was one of those brilliant warm May days that makes you wish it was two weeks later so that you could plant your tomatoes. Busy hands help distract short attention spans. 93 more words


Selling Out

The time came for us to get rid of a few chicks.  We packed up eight of them and six bunnies on Saturday and headed to Earthdog in Denver for their monthly chicken swap.   269 more words


No More Naked Neck Turken

She wan’t the prettiest of hens.  No — she was kind of funny looking.  OK — to be honest — she was just downright ugly.  I would joke that she was “coyote ugly,” but comparing anything to those stinking vile vermin at this time is not appropriate.   838 more words

My Newest Project (Hint: it has nothing to do with writing)

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! This past week has been extremely challenging, emotionally, so once again I’ve gotten barely anything done as far as writing goes. I should finish my current CP project today or tomorrow, and I did manage to polish the sentences in the first scene of StO until they sparkle, but that’s pretty much it. 217 more words


Rooster is lost without me....

Yep, I am a backyard chicken farmer. I have sixteen hens and one rooster. I do this not because I love eggs but because I love the idea of farming. 180 more words