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Moments Like This...

Make me happy we have chickens.

Speaking of chicken food. This go round I just couldn’t do the processed feed so I mix my own. The chickens like it better and I feel so much better about it. 55 more words


Chicken feed.....it ain't chicken feed.

Been awhile since I’ve had time to write. Life on the little farm has been HECTIC and busy with building housing for all the little creatures we’ve collected so far. 254 more words


What a Chick Wants ...

I’m the first to admit that sometimes I can be a complete imbecile.  Basically,my skill set is pretty low. I’m not a jack of all trades.   1,139 more words

City Girl-country Girl

It Feels Good To Be Home: Two Months In

I pretty much lost two weeks of work due to a death in the family, BUT we have still made some progress:

1. We got a big donation of “rabbit berries.” It has A LOT of browns mixed in so will be using it to cover compost for now and/or a layer once we start making the raised beds. 317 more words


N is for Never feed your chickens these ….

This is a list of foods NEVER to feed your chickens, that I found on ready nutrition.

I would have reblogged it, but I can’t find a way to do it as its not a WordPress site, so I am just copying it. 765 more words

The Spare

Chicken Experiments - Fermented Grains

I have been planning on putting this post up for a while now. It’s a little late for the winter effects but the value of this process can pay big dividends throughout the year for smaller producers. 1,347 more words


How Much Do You Feed Chickens?

I think I was starving my chickens.  I am not proud of this.  Further reason that this blog serves as a place to educate folks on exactly how-to because I can never find the answers on these things until it hits me in the face! 517 more words