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School's Out and Chicken Math 

I am finally done with my Coding course! Hooray! After six months of intense study and testing, it is finished.

The last several months I have been focused on just getting through it, and trying to avoid distraction. 1,583 more words



We got chickens a few weeks ago from someone who was giving them away. We were supposed to take their coop as well, but it was decided that the coop was too difficult to move. 659 more words

Money Matters

dime's worth

There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between a dime and chicken feed.


That moment when you realize you've gone from "chicken lady" to "crazy chicken lady"

I never thought I’d spend so much time thinking about poultry…

When we agreed to buy the ranch, I begin mentally preparing for the chickens.  I bought books; I read blogs; I meticulously picked out the breeds I wanted.   378 more words

Farm Life

PVC Feeders

When the chickens were approaching the point of starting to lay I needed to increase their calcium so the egg shells would be nice and hard. 604 more words


Scorched Earth

Anyone that keeps chickens knows it is only a matter of time before the chickens will remove every bit of vegetation in an enclosed run. My chicks were four weeks old when I put them outside and it took them two days to get all the grass. 848 more words


Chicken Feed Review

We have had the chickens now about four months and they are getting to the point we should be seeing some eggs shortly. I must admit, was a little afraid to order day old chicks, but we got through that fear and got them raised and ready to go outside. 1,008 more words