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Mealworm Starter Kit Sale


  • 3-drawer starter bin
  • Substrate (oats)
  • 1 cup of beetle bedding (at least 6 weeks of eggs laid)
  • 20 beetles
  • 20 pupa
  • 200 worms
  • Instructions for caring for your mealworm farm…
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Looking after baby chickens

Here is a great you tube video which shows how to look after baby chickens.  We have baby chickens in store now.  Come and see.  They have been sexed so they are all females.   27 more words

Pet Supplies And Feed

Fuel for the Flock

Ever wanted to give your flock a boost of something nutritious and healthy without spoiling them till their fat? Well, this is the recipe for you! 698 more words


Day 91 - National Candy Corn Day

Naturally Candy Corn would have its day right around Halloween.  Like it or not, Candy Corn is kind of an iconic Halloween candy, although I wouldn’t suggest handing it out for trick or treaters.   720 more words


Cheap DIY Organic Chicken Feed for a mixed flock---UPDATE

Please scroll down for the most current info!

The cost and quality of organic feed has been a thorn in my side for over a year now. 1,328 more words

School's Out and Chicken Math 

I am finally done with my Coding course! Hooray! After six months of intense study and testing, it is finished.

The last several months I have been focused on just getting through it, and trying to avoid distraction. 1,583 more words



We got chickens a few weeks ago from someone who was giving them away. We were supposed to take their coop as well, but it was decided that the coop was too difficult to move. 659 more words

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