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Chicken Feed

With any new interest I spend a bit of time on the internet learning. I hate to make mistakes that cost me time and or money, so I learn all that I can and walk into new ventures with my eyes wide open. 1,694 more words


I Have Learned: Chickens are Eating Machines

Chickens love to eat and can put away some chow. They will try to eat just about anything once. They then decide if they like it. 499 more words


The Chickens Grow Up and Get Their First Apartment

Our cute little chicks have grown into lovely young hens and just moved out of their little light-bulb cage in our garage into their very own outside coop! 486 more words

Toddler Psychology

A feed question

As I mentioned Saturday, my sexlinks are at 17 weeks old. My RiRs are just behind them at 13.75 (Wednesday, they will be 14 weeks). … 175 more words


Good Things Come to ....

 I am looking for a second job part-time in a clinic. My plan is to work a second job only until I pay off everything but my primary mortgage.   458 more words

Chicken Feed

Moments Like This...

Make me happy we have chickens.

Speaking of chicken food. This go round I just couldn’t do the processed feed so I mix my own. The chickens like it better and I feel so much better about it. 55 more words


Chicken feed.....it ain't chicken feed.

Been awhile since I’ve had time to write. Life on the little farm has been HECTIC and busy with building housing for all the little creatures we’ve collected so far. 254 more words