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PVC Feeders

When the chickens were approaching the point of starting to lay I needed to increase their calcium so the egg shells would be nice and hard. 604 more words


Scorched Earth

Anyone that keeps chickens knows it is only a matter of time before the chickens will remove every bit of vegetation in an enclosed run. My chicks were four weeks old when I put them outside and it took them two days to get all the grass. 848 more words


Chicken Feed Review

We have had the chickens now about four months and they are getting to the point we should be seeing some eggs shortly. I must admit, was a little afraid to order day old chicks, but we got through that fear and got them raised and ready to go outside. 1,008 more words


Greens for the Chickens

I spent several nights reading a thread on the Back Yard Chicken forum about growing fodder for chickens. At this point I still am not through all of it. 1,330 more words


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

November’s nearly over and so far we have been blessed with wonderfully mild weather. Where as my northern friends hunker down under blankets of snow and ice, we have been enjoying sunshine with intermittent rain. 843 more words


Comfrey.. a plant through the Ages

I am working my way through a thread on Back Yard Chickens about feeding fodder to chickens. Fodder is sprouting seeds and growing them up to greens a few inches high. 1,091 more words


I Have Learned: Chickens are Noisy

When I first started researching backyard chickens one of the things I read was that hens are pretty quiet.

Where roosters have their mighty crow, hens just kind of titter and cluck quietly. 636 more words