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Chicken Experiments - Fermented Grains

I have been planning on putting this post up for a while now. It’s a little late for the winter effects but the value of this process can pay big dividends throughout the year for smaller producers. 1,347 more words


How Much Do You Feed Chickens?

I think I was starving my chickens.  I am not proud of this.  Further reason that this blog serves as a place to educate folks on exactly how-to because I can never find the answers on these things until it hits me in the face! 517 more words


Horses Die Fast From Food Additives...Humans Die a Slow Death

In September of 2014, the Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie, Florida gave 22 horses feed containing monensin, an antibiotic generally given to cattle and chickens to… 262 more words


Eight things to learn from 'tax-dodging fugitive' Boris

Boris Johnson made the news again today, following his unwillingness to pay US taxes. But from becoming a walrus, to the pittance of £250,000, here are 8 things you could learn from Britain’s most popular politician. 618 more words


Last Day In Malaysia

After six days of sightseeing, travelling, great food and lot´s of sun, the last day has come finally.
It began with a typically Malayan breakfast, well maybe some brunch, because it was already shortly to noon. 412 more words


Common Tall Grass Nuisances

1. Mice. Tall grass gives vermin a place to hide and breed, eventually they find their way into homes and create quite the disturbance there. Not to mention, rodents usually carry disease. 94 more words


Backyard chickens: feed

When we first got chickens we fed them mostly with purchased organic feed (we started with Modesto Milling, and later moved to Scratch and Peck, which the chickens love), supplemented with kitchen scraps and whatever bugs and plants they could scrounge from our property, over which they had free range at the time. 822 more words