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Fast Foodish (Lite)

Fa(s)t food cravings still come now and then, even though I haven’t been to a fa(s)t food joint in eons. ¬†Surprisingly, I still have an occasionally powerful yearning for greasy, golden brown french fries with breaded chicken or fish. ¬† 322 more words

Yellow Arches

The other night, I got off work pretty late and had no other option but to get McDonalds for dinner (I say that like I don’t get McDonalds a few times a week). 170 more words

Micro-Blog-Eat Face 7-12-17 Rochester, N.Y.

I had to bless you with the micro-blog. Partially cause my phone is dying, but mostly cuz it is only right. This is the sequel to a spot I already blogged about. 139 more words


Some Tavern in Dunwoody

A few nights ago my friend and I decided to have dinner rather later than normal and were having a lot of trouble trying to find a restaurant that late. 86 more words

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Fingers

One thing that has always made us give in and go buy food is the thought of spicy buffalo chicken. whether it be tenders or wings, doesn’t matter! 534 more words