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Thai coconut curry chicken

Fresh ingredients and aromatic spices – what’s not to love about Thai food? This gels well with my cooking style. I like to use fresh ingredients and from scratch where ever possible. 85 more words


Chicken Keema Curry or Minced Chicken Curry

Hello Everyone,

This is my spin on the chicken keema curry or minced chicken curry. I have found keema to be a very versatile ingredient. A lot of chicken on the bones dishes can be substituted with chicken keema/mince such as pulaos, biryanis, pakoras, some curries etc. 448 more words


Leftover Roast chicken fajita soup.

so dinner as you probably tell by both the content and photo wasn’t quite up to my usual standard, but it was roast chicken which counts for a lot in the taste stakes.

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Mouthwatering Monday – Pav Bhaji

I love spicy food specially street food, like aaloo tikki, golgappa and Pav Bhaji. Yummy!! Today I am going to share Pav Bhaji recipe which is so simple to make that after making it for the first time, I was so disappointed with myself that why I didn’t tried it earlier :P… 245 more words


Chicken pie and a crusty bloomer

I don’t need to tell you how gorgeous it was, I think you can see that..

The chicken pie photos looked rather good I thought, which is the only reason they are on the post, oh and maybe someone might be inspired to make a pie..

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Cat in a Chicken Run: Reasons to be Awakened at 1:30 a.m.

So, a bit of background…

We have a raw-fed Westie, that greatly enjoys salad, cucumbers, and pretty much will do anything for a tomato.  We even have to spell the word, “tomato.”  And we’re reaching the point where we have to spell the spelling of tomato, which gets very confusing. 946 more words


Biryani risotto.

I wasn’t going to blog this initially but as I started cooking I decided to take some pics just in case and I’m glad I did because it turned out to be a big hit…

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