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September – The Chicken Shed — No Rhyme or Reason Farm

Isn’t it enough that we have a chicken coop? Now we need a chicken shed too? We’ve been using a plastic storage bin that was intended for lawn furniture cushions.

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Clever Ways to Keep your Chickens from Scratching Up your Hard Work — deewrites4you

Keep your chickens out of your garden without using fences via Clever Ways to Keep your Chickens from Scratching Up your Hard Work — deewrites4you


Chicken lice… — Hot Mess Homesteading

Violet had caught a huge case of chicken lice. That meant a huge cleanout of the coop, and spreading some diatomaceous earth and some pymethrin dust.


Hoop Coop for Pasture Raised Hens

Between chick days at the feed store and the broody hen, we have a few more chickens than the current infrastructure can comfortably house.


Chicken City

Part of the thrill of having chickens is the fantasy that they will reduce the work to be done to prepare garden beds. A nong that vein I have started Chicken City.

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With Spring Comes New Chickie Babes

The “OG” chickie babe flock has absolutely thrived this past year. We survived our first winter together and it’s safe to say my girls HATE the snow (as do I).


Backyard Chickens – Jennifer Taylor's Blog

Backyard Chickens – Jennifer Taylor’s Blog

By JENNIFER We have debated on whether to get chickens for about six years. We currently consume about 10 eggs per day so we figured it might be time to give backyard chickens a chance!!

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