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Red Mite

I’m one of those people who presses the lift call button even when I know it has already been pushed. Once inside the lift, I then repeatedly press the button of the floor I wish to go to in the belief that the doors will somehow close quicker, and I’ll be on my way sooner. 892 more words


SNAFU stymies sale, bulbs

By Clara Glendale | Beacon Reports

The Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants have postponed their annual Spring Kickoff Sale due to a conflict with the Bass Lake Sidewalk Beautification and Replacement Committee. 297 more words

Hyper-Local News

Let's live a healthy and eco-friendly life. So why chickens?

Due to the recent discoveries of the dirty secrets of the “organic” label, people have been trying to find new ways to eat a healthier diet. 539 more words

My Name Is Not Margaret

I Love Baffling Vandalism

Unless this is a new gang I’m not aware of.

Urban chickens a boon to small business development

There are many good reasons for cities to allow chicken husbandry, including autonomous food production, fostering better connections to our food supply, and because they are relatively very tolerable pets. 324 more words


I see with my one eye!

I like how chickens look at everything with one eye. It’s cute and they cock their heads to the side like a curious puppy.

Sorry for not posting much lately. 55 more words

Chicken Husbandry

New Beginning

Feb. 17, 2012

If you enjoyed this little blog, please continue to read about the girls in their Hampstead home and my new animal adventures.  My new blog is called KittyBunnyChicken and you can link to it here. 84 more words

Chicken Husbandry