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The art of hen-naming: Your creativity for a cool one dozen

The very first day my father-in-law introduced chicks to our hen house, our middle child, Eiley, began to name them. She decided on television characters. … 383 more words


Unexpected Company

Three days ago I was riding with my jump trainer and I noticed a rooster dead in the grass. I stopped to have a closer look and saw flies buzzing around the limp creature laying prostrate in the warm sun. 845 more words

Chicken Husbandry

Rooting for Spring

It’s been busy around the Goodwin homestead. We welcomed three new hens to the flock. Now completing our little backyard chicken operation. We now have; four battery rescue white leghorns (Henrietta, Peggy, Gretel and Queenie) two cuckoo Marans (Lucia and Lilliana) a Langshan (Katherine) a Buff Orpington (Margaret Puff) and three new Ameraucanas (Annabelle, Maisie and Penelope) Our eggs are much more colourful now! 221 more words

Chicken Husbandry

Oh pour l'amour de la lavande!!

In love with lavender! With so many different strains to choose from and their abundant availability at almost all garden centres what’s your excuse for not having any in the garden?? 502 more words

Chicken Husbandry