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今週の月曜日JLPT N1対策コースとB2の合同クラスの授業の一環として、大阪にある「カップヌードル博物館」へ校外学習に行きました!残念ながらB2クラスのフィリップさんは体調不良のためお休み…三木先生とリョウさんとで行ってきました。

Liao san from JLPT N1 preparing course and Philippe san from B2 class are learning “the history of inventing instant noodles”, so the class went to the “Cup Noodle Museum” in Osaka this Monday. 318 more words


Chicken Miso Ramen Noodle Soup

This is probably one of the shortest blogpost I have ever written. But that’s simply because this soup requires an individual preparation of each component that you place together in one big soup bowl. 257 more words

Main Course

Ippudo, the Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta Offers High Class Food Taste

Ippudo is the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. It is stylized Japanese cuisine from Japan. It was built in Jakarta since 30 years ago. This restaurant offers tasty Japanese food with some menus. 417 more words


The World Ends With You: Ramen Don

The World Ends with You is a fantastic game coated with positive life lessons. Even the title of the game gets explained near the end as a motto for living to the fullest and expanding your own horizons (even if it initially sounds like a pretty negative saying). 1,022 more words

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Ippudo's 1st Chicken Ramen Menu

A couple of weeks back, we received an invitation from Ippudo Indonesia for an exclusive tasting event to try out their 1st Chicken Ramen Menu. We were so thrilled to be invited because across all Ippudo restaurants around the globe, they launched their first ever chicken ramen menu here in Jakarta, Indonesia. 610 more words

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Homemade Chicken Ramen

April 8, 2015

Hey all,

This is a dish I’m particularly proud of: chicken ramen made at home. And no, not the kind that comes in the cup that you just add hot water to – I’m talking about the real deal, cooked for hours type of ramen. 538 more words