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Chicken Rice 白斩鸡饭

been doing poached chicken白斩鸡 quite a bit, most recently for a 9pax homecooked lunch on 9.3.2015.

1 of the delectable dishes i made was  403 more words

Buon Appetito!

Singapore: The Food Court

In my perhaps I see now, limited experience, a food court was always a haven for the pre-drinking age pubescent. I remembered them only as a sea of rolled up skirts, untucked shirts and loosely tied ties. 718 more words

Chicken rice my style ;)

Chicken rice or nasi ayam is a dish that was adapted from the early Chinese immigrants from Hainan (Wikipedia) which is very famous in Malaysia and Singapore. 239 more words


Cheat's Chicken Rice

If you’re not from Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand, then the image that pops up in your head after one mentions ‘chicken rice’ would probably be some fried or roast chicken with rice. 1,206 more words


Hainanese Chicken Rice - A Singaporean delicacy!

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Singapore is a haven of diverse cuisines and witnesses different ethnicities in terms of food and is hence, seen by the government as a symbol of multi-culture. 628 more words

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