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Yes, It Has Been A While.

I’ve been away from my blog, lets see if this dinosaur can remember how to post.  This post will try to fill in what has been happening in my back yard these past many months. 611 more words


A Glorious Chicken Palace is Underway

This beautiful, breezy weather has me daydreaming about laying around the homestead, watching my flock of ladies peck the ground in the warm sunshine.  Although this isn’t a reality yet, I am hoping it will be soon! 467 more words

Shaun the Sheep the Movie Preview

From Aardman, the creators of Wallace and Grommet and Chicken Run comes the big screen debut  for Shaun the Sheep, in his very own movie, that should have children flocking to the cinema. 128 more words


Harvest Monday

March 9, 2015

Still only harvesting eggs. I am hoping that will change soon though! The chickens laid more eggs in the first week of March than they did in the whole month of January. 264 more words


Back To Beds, Back To Reality

Mmmmmmm, Bed. Having a week off should mean rest and recuperation, but not for me. Oh no. At every opportunity ” I’m just popping over the allotment dear”….for four or five hours. 478 more words

Plot 56

My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 9

This week has basically been a write-off, and spoiler alert, but next week will be too. The reason being is that I’m currently on holiday. Or at least, I will be when this gets posted, because I’m writing this in the past, like usual, but this week even more so. 658 more words

My Week In Movies

"Divergent" Subjects: The Individual Against the Collective

Last weekend, I finally watched Divergent.  Last semester, I kept telling students in my Plato’s Republic seminar that someone needed to get on the film version of the dialogue.   1,324 more words