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Not married, No kids..

Yesterday my sister gave birth to her first child. A daughter who will have all she could ever hope to have in life. Pretty much at the same time I found out my sister was in labour, I felt the all to familiar pains of that, now dreaded, time of the month. 384 more words



We woke up on Monday morning to the sound of someone crunching across our gravel drive and a shaking sound. After listening for a while and not really wanting to get out of bed, as for once my little one had decided to have a lie in (this is as rare as hens teeth!) I peeked through the window. 156 more words

Re-engineering the Chicken Run

I got an idea this month, as I walked out through the chicken run to feed the goats and as usual, the hens all rushed past me out into the pasture. 290 more words

Farm Animals

Retrospective: Chicken Run Soundtrack

Composed by John Powell & Harry Gregson-Williams, 2000.

Produced by Aardman, distributed by DreamWorks.

  1. Opening Escape

    Has there been a better opening to a soundtrack? It set’s you right in the mood for the journey, it’s operatic, it’s inspiring and it’s got a blend of military themes and classic motion picture fanfares.

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Chicken run

It’s rainy in New Jersey. Poor Donnie can’t go outside to play so he’s staying inside, eating fried chicken, drinking Diet Coke, and getting caught up on his tweeting. 525 more words

What Chicken Run can teach us about stakeholder management

Boa noite, os blogueiros!

Want to read the whole story? Check out my previous blog posts on what Chicken Run can teach us about Project Management. 2,121 more words