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Fare thee well, Pertelote

We lost Pertelote this evening.

It was a paltry eight days after she arrived. She had seemed to be doing so well throughout the week and had an array of new feathers coming through already. 364 more words

DIY: Chicken Coop

The first major project that had to be done upon moving into the new Little Farm was to build a new coop. Our old coop had served us well for the past two years, but it was definitely too urban for our new settings. 1,006 more words


It's a Dangerous Business, Frodo, Going Out Your Front Door.

My little flock and I have been together for a week and a day, and very happy we’ve been too.

Enjoying my weekend off,  I figured that today would be a good day for me to let the ladies out for a wander, to roam free in the back garden. 158 more words

Shaun the Sheep Movie Trailer

This is the last of the series of TV and movie trailers I’ve been posting recently…until the next interesting-sounding movie comes along. Shaun the Sheep Movie… 58 more words


Welcome Home, Girls!

At long last the day came to collect the girls. I spent the afternoon helping to re home hundreds of girls, all the while wondering which four would be mine. 138 more words

Freedom: A New Life

Saturday was spent with the British Hen Welfare Trust, re homing a couple of hundred chickens who, at 18 months old were deemed to have reached the end of their commercial  egg-laying life. 103 more words

Inventive Crafts and Makings

The art of digital creation integrates technology into old-school crafting activities. Stop-motion is a digital creation, animation technique that took off in the 1960s (although had emerged in the 1800s). 182 more words