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First Egg!

At just over 19 weeks, we have our first egg!  I’m reasonably certain that it was laid by the Rhode Island Red, named Honey by my son for her coloring as a chick, but aptly named for her sweet contribution to our homestead and a gracious nod to our honey bees who pollinated much of the foods the chickens have been enjoying from my garden.  1,848 more words


Chicken Run

Mrs. Tweedy’s Chicken Pie

Growing up near several farms, I’ve often passed by the animals and wondered, “What do they do when we’re not watching? Are they organized?” Turns out they are. 877 more words

Cartoon Cravings

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been active on Facebook and YouTube for a while, so I thought I should add a blog to tie everything together.

My name is Michelle, and I live on 2 acres in Maine.  405 more words


Protecting our Chickens with PVC piping

A year or so ago we bought chickens and I built the girls a run in which to place their coop and provide protection against predators. 312 more words


Free Range Chick(en)s

Now that the girls are settled into their new home, I decided it was time to let them explore the backyard, always expanding their world slowly.  1,492 more words


Chicken Run

It feels like I haven’t written in forever. Mostly it’s because I began to have problems with my laptop overheating a couple of weeks ago. After only a couple of minutes, I could feel the heat building up and almost burning my fingers. 1,143 more words


Moving Day

Just over a week ago, we had a soft opening of the coop.  I had envisioned the pomp and circumstance of a grand opening, befitting the chicken chalet my husband built, however the rush of hot weather dictated a different course of events and in retrospect, this worked out much better from an acclimation standpoint for both the chicks and me. 1,964 more words