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The Big Blue Chicken Coop

We picked up nine adorable 3-day-old Buff Orpington pullets on March 8th, 2017. We were prepared with everything we needed to raise chicks, but their future coop was just ideas on paper. 875 more words


'2 Bedrooms For A Chicken And A Fish'

Contrary to popular belief, the most ‘tacky’ of jobs in my line of work – I feel – are the minuscule, yet compounded projects.

Compounded in the sense that, structures that can just as easily stand and function right on their own are made to sit side by side on one restricting piece of land. 286 more words


Adding to Our Flock

A few months after our first group of chickens had settled in, we decided that maybe it was time to expand.  We were averaging several eggs a day throughout the winter and wanted to increase our output.  861 more words

Prompt: Write a story where a series of surreal, unbelievable events occur around a completely oblivious character who slowly munches on their chicken sandwich

Smith Lyleson is seven and a half years old. Mum’s working a double shift so she leaves him ten bucks for lunch. Smith rides his bike to the Church’s Chicken on 8th ave at precisely eleven fifty-eight a.m. 1,181 more words


Our First Chickens

When we first started talking about homesteading and becoming self-sufficient, getting a small flock of egg-laying chickens was very high on our wish list.  As pets, they’re cute, fluffy and amusing to watch.  760 more words

Mother Nature's Wrath

A few weeks ago a storm blew part of a tree down in the yard.  No big deal, you would think, but it landed on my chicken’s run.   415 more words