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The Chickens are Revolting!

We’ve had chickens running the backyard since 2009. Part of my desire to live as naturally and “farmy” as I can while still living in a large city. 322 more words

Backyard Chickens

Chicken Run Family Restaurant and Steak House

It has been a few weeks since my husband and I have gone out to eat. We had gone away on vacation and then I started with new employment and have not really gone any  place to enjoy ourselves. 567 more words

Chicken Run

Film Review | Chicken Run

Recently, I sat down to re-watch the film, Chicken Run. I must admit, it was a bit fun — a nice little walk down memory lane. 1,212 more words

My Vegan Life

The Chicken Coop Saga

When I first got my allotment,in fact, one of the deciding factors in signing up to begin with, was chickens. I could finally keep chickens! We’d had hens when I was a kid and I had always yearned after keeping them again, the idea of chicken cuddles and fresh eggs was a great motivator. 664 more words


Separating the Colony Rabbits and Chickens

Last night I decided I had enough of the shared “raken” colony. They’ve been constantly getting into each other’s food. Rabbit food won’t harm chickens, but I’m not keen on the rabbits getting into the chicken food, and with young rabbits that could kill them from bloat. 218 more words


Chicken Run

The hens in our backyard have a chicken run that has a nesting box, floor space and perches. They’ve had it for about four years. … 685 more words


Building a "Raken" Colony

My major project the last month or so has been getting new housing for the chickens and rabbits. Since they share the same space I’m using Polyface’s neologism “Raken”. 1,041 more words